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7 Game Franchises That Need A Reboot




When you’ve been gaming as long as we have, you’ve seen a lot of titles come and go. Some become a one-hit wonder, while others stick around for a while – and eventually wear out their welcome. We’ve definitely watched more than a couple of game series fall of the face of the earth, and it’s disheartening to watch a few of the gems go to die.

Let’s be honest, if Sonic can get a reboot time & time again, there are dozens of games out there more worthy of the spotlight…

If Sonic can get reboot after reboot of crappy re-imagining, rework, HD-Remake, whatever garbage you want to call it; We really don’t see why other games aren’t getting an equal shot. Seriously, HAVE YOU SEEN ANY OF THE SONIC GAMES LATELY? THEY’RE ALL MEH AT BEST AND THEY KEEP ON SHITTING THEM OUT EVERY FEW YEARS!

So here’s a list we put together of 7 games we’d like to see get a reboot in the ‘near’ future. They are in no particular order. Just great games that have become lost in time over the years.

Earthworm Jim

For those of you who don’t recall Earthworm Jim (EWJ), it was a game about a regular earthworm that somehow (it falls from space onto him) comes into control of a super-powered space suit that mutates him into a fast-talking wacky superhero that travels the galaxy trying to be a hero and trying to save “Princess What’s her name” (that’s her real name). It was a fun, wacky, side-scrolling game that had plenty of pop-culture references and jokes. The series was popular enough to spawn 3 games and even a cartoon series but sadly it was the 3rd game that seems to kill off the chances of Jim getting another shot at a game. The game was on the N64 and sadly it was 1 of many bad games on the N64. Some would say that platformers are a thing of the past but with Mario games still making platform games and newcomers like ShovelKnight being the talk of the town, I think it is possible to make another great EWJ platforming game!

Crash Bandicoot


It must be such a cruel world to grow up in not knowing who this guy is. Crash Bandicoot was an anthropomorphic Bandicoot who has to stop the EVIL GENIUS doctor Neo Cortex from destroying him. At one point, I remember that people were saying that he was supposed to be to Sony what Mario was to Nintendo. Basically, their mascot but I think they took it too far because Crash even got a “Party” game and a “Kart” game. I think if Mario can still rock the “platform” genre by making it fun and entertaining, there has to be someone out there willing to take a chance and breathe some new life into Crash with a new Platform type game. Now, I know that in recent articles Naughty Dog (Studio responsible for Crash) has mentioned that they don’t want to make any more Crash games but if they’re not going to make more Crash games, maybe it’s time for them to give up the licensing and allow others to make titles for him.

Banjo Kazooie


While the Banjo Kazooie franchise has gotten some recent love with ‘Rare Replay’, it’s simply a facelift with a dash of nostalgia for old school gamers on next-gen consoles. Some have called Banjo-Kazooie a “Mario 64” Clone but I think that the game had a unique feel when compared to Mario 64. The story of the game is that Banjo’s sister, Tooie, gets kidnapped by the Evil Witch Gruntilda and it is Banjo’s job to save her. It was a fun game with a huge world and it was made by Rare (The same folks that made GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong Country). The game was complicated, but not over the top with the difficulty level. It was a masterpiece in its own right with the design of the world and its own brand of comedy. Unfortunately, the death of the series came about with the last game made for the franchise called ‘Nuts and Bolts’ nearly 7 years ago. I think with the recent success of Rare Replay, wouldn’t it be time for someone to dust this one off and try again?

Monkey Island


The Monkey Island games were about Guybrush Threepwood on his journey to become a mighty pirate, win the heart of Elaine Marly, and defeat the evil undead pirate LeChuck. The best way to describe the series is by saying that they are point and click adventure games with a driving force of comedy behind it. The dialogue is what sells the series and is made up of puns, jokes, insult, silly banter, and random references. It’s a great series of games that would have you chuckling to the end. While in 2015 we have seen the return of the King’s Quest series, it may definitely be possible to see the return of a classic, such as the Monkey Island series. In 2009 we saw the last game released with the shutdown of LucasArts shortly after. With the success of the Franchise and the recent successors to LucasArts (now a part of Disney), it may take some Disney magic to revive the mayhem and mystery that is Monkey Island.

Eternal Darkness


We’re personally torn when it comes to the idea of a sequel for Eternal Darkness. On the one hand, this game was fantastic and deserves a remake. And with everyone going nuts for games like Slender, Amnesia, and Five Nights, I think now is the perfect time for this game to be remade. This game was where my childhood nightmares started.

The game is based around the mythos of Cthulhu (Fuck yeah, LOVECRAFT!) and it is about the main character basically reliving her family history as they try to stop the resurrection of Cthulhu. It was a unique game in that it had something called the “Sanity meter”. Basically, as you played the game your character’s sanity would drop and when it hit a certain point, the game world… the game would just fuck with you. The game would randomly appear to a blue screen of death, your character would appear to commit suicide, monsters would show up, etc, etc. A lot of these were the game messing with you and shortly after the game would go back to normal but it would be so random that sometimes you couldn’t tell if something was really happening or if the game was just messing with you. I would love to see an HD-Remake or something for this game because as a kid, this game creeped me out.



Battletoads is another Rare owned franchise that has gotten some life breathed back into it by the ‘Rare Replay’ release. And while you may think this game made our list as a joke, if you’ve been a reader for a while you’ll know that old school, beat em up stylized games are our jams. While this game was notorious for Gamestop trolling, we’d love to see another game in the series come out so we really have a reason to call Gamestop and ask them for Battletoads. It was easily one of the hardest games in its genre due to the fact that you could actually hurt your own teammate, but the difficulty is what makes me want to have a remake. Most games today are way too forgiving of the player, and accidental crossfire.

Legacy of Kain


This is not just one game, but an entire series that needs a reboot. They were amazing games for their time but in a recent replay, it became quite alarming that the graphics for this series haven’t held up over time. It’s hard to explain the storyline, but the TL;DR is, badass time-traveling vampires in the world of Nosgoth, where demons, vampires, humans, and all those sorts of ghouls live. These aren’t “Twilight” vampires either.. These are the kind of Vampires that actually strike fear. Between the gameplay and the dialog, we’re giving credit where it is deserved. And a reboot of this series is exactly what this generation of glitter vamps needs.