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America’s got Powers is a 7 part comicbook created by Jonathan Ross, with illustrations by Bryan Hitch, and published by Image. The story is about America’s hottest television show, America’s got Powers, where super powered teens compete in order to become part of America’s hottest super hero team, Power Generation.

It’s a pretty neat story about how a strange rock lands in San Francisco and something amazing happens. It glows for several seconds and every pregnant woman within a 5 mile radius goes into labor, giving painless birth to a healthy baby that has been blessed with some kind of special power.

Well, everyone but the main character, Tommy Watts. Tommy was the only new born that wasn’t blessed with any form of power. Now the powers due vary from major skills like super strength to minor things like having spikes on the skin.
As stated earlier, America’s Got Powers is sort of like “American Idol” but instead of singing to be the best, the super teens fight it out using their powers to be #1. The competition is brutal and kids have been known to die, while the rest of American watches with excitement about the fights. This comic is brilliant because its spot on social commentary on our culture and their love for going to any extent in the name of entertainment. Plus it is short, sweet, and to the point. There is much more to the comics but I definitely don’t want to spoil a good read for you guys. And trust me, it’s worth it.