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App Of The Week: Blizzard’s Hearthstone Hits iPad Store




In case you haven’t been able to tell from our Instagram feed lately, I am utterly obsessed with Blizzard’s Digital Card Game – Hearthstone. This free-to-play Magic The Gathering clone allows users to build decks based on World of Warcraft characters and unlock toon specific cards to help further along the playing process. In the beginning, you start as Jaina, a simple Mage, and slowly unlock a total of 9 different characters each featuring some big names from the World of Warcraft.

After advancing as Jaina and leveling her up a bit you are able to start unlocking other heroes in practice and play mode by simply winning. And after unlocking the heroes, you are able to level them up to unlock hero specific cards.

Play mode is fun and it is great to be able to log in for 15-20 minutes and complete a couple of matches in that time. Whether it is ranked battles or playing casually, this game is highly addictive in all aspects.

And as of April 17th, Apple welcomed Hearthstone to the app store, making this fun and fast-paced game easy to take with you for those long and boring car rides. Now the action never has to stop!

You can download ‘Hearthstone’ in the app store by clicking HERE or log in with your account and join the party online from the comfort of your home and your onesie! And be sure to add me on to join in on ALL the fun – chotheamazin#1270