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Avengers: Infinity War – Trailer Breakdown



Christmas came early this year as today, Marvel released the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. The trailer boasts a 2 minute and 24 second run time, which packs quite a bit of information as to where our favorite heroes are since we last saw them on the big screen. While Thor Ragnorak helped bring us up to speed on what was going on with Thor, Loki and our beloved Hulk, we still have quite a few questions about what Black Widow, The Scarlet Witch and others have been up to all this time.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, watch the video below and then dive into our extended breakdown of everything you need to know.




At 18 seconds in, we see Scarlet Witch with a human looking version of The Vision. It’s obvious it’s him, because of the infinity stone on his forehead. This is probably The Vision in an LMD (Life Model Decoy) or maybe a new evolution of him in order to fit more into society and not frighten civilians. We’re guessing after the whole Ultron mishap, the Marvel Universe isn’t too happy with the idea of an Android running around town.

Skip ahead to 26 seconds, and we see a meeting between Banner and Black Widow. There are two things that are quite interesting about this encounter.

The first interesting thing to point out is that next to Banner is an arm of the Hulk Buster armor that Stark used in Civil War. Now, later in the trailer, we do see Stark in that same armor. This could mean a few things. It could mean that Stark had to bring out the armor again to fight the Hulk and lost, thus why the armor is split up. Or it could be that the armor is being called back into action to fight Thanos, and if the armor is in pieces he may have lost against Thanos as well. And a third part could indicate that this is part of the original Hulk Buster armor from Civil War, and Banner has kept this piece as sort of a reminder of the mayhem he caused when he went full rage. With the Hulk Buster armor being shown again intact at 1:28, it’s too early to tell.

Banner also appears to be a bit more reserved and in control of the Hulk. At least from this quick shot. When we last saw him in Thor: Ragnorak, he mentioned that he was worried if he turned into the Hulk again, because he wasn’t sure if he could turn back (into Banner again). 

The second interesting thing in this quick exchange is that Black Widow has blonde hair. Now, in each movie she has gone through subtle hair makeovers, either curling it, cutting it… But never dying it. She’s traded in the red locks for bleach blonde. The real question is… Why?

When S.H.I.E.L.D. fell after the Hydra takeover in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Natasha leaked all of the spy agency’s intel online, releasing information about her own past covers and secret identities as a result. Black Widow ended the movie by revealing that she had new cover identities to create. The last we saw of her, she was leaving for parts unknown — after Tony Stark gave her a proper warning that the government would be coming for her next. This more than likely means that going into Avengers; Infinity War, Natasha is a hunted fugitive. While she no longer has her previous covers to fall back on, she changes her hair to throw off who may be coming for her.

At 56 seconds, we get to see a glimpse of a defeated and normal Peter Parker, with his Spider-Senses tingling. Peter looks out the window of his school bus to see a circular, and almost gate looking craft lowering itself down towards the Manhattan skyline.  It appears to be floating down on its own, without much effort but has an ominous feel to it. Is Thanos putting New York in danger?

At the same time, we see a worried Stark, Dr. Strange, Banner, and Wong inside what looks like the Sanctum, with a high pitch and almost grinding sound coming from the distance. A few seconds later, we see them outside on a street looking at the sky. This could be them noticing the gate/ring thing, but it could also just be really good editing to make it seem they are tied together. That being said, the street they’re on looks like some kind of major fight just happened. I bet the mayor of New York isn’t going to be too thrilled sticking Stark with another construction bill.

At 1:04, we see Loki walking over the corpses of humans. We say “humans” because it gives us an idea of the location, but the thing is that everyone is dead, and seems to be wearing robes or rags of some type. So we’re not entirely sure what that means but it’s definitely an indicator of his location. When we think back to Thor: Ragnorak, it’s very possible that the refugees of Asgard may have been living in poverty somewhere in space. We know that they escaped Ragnorak, but in the last scene of the movie, they were being overshadowed by a much larger ship. Does a larger battle take place between this ship and the unknown enemy? Or is that ship friendly, and gives them passage to a safe zone, only to be betrayed by Loki or ambushed down the line?

Thor: Ragnarok was a fast-paced, blink-and-you-may-miss-it, kind of movie. Especially towards the final moments when Ragnorak was firing up to destroy Asgard. For a brief moment, we saw Loki on a mission to grab something out of Odin’s Vault. We see him pause and devilishly smile at the Tesseract, but the scene ends there. Knowing Loki and his mischievous behavior, it was quite obvious he had taken it. The trailer confirms that with a quick shot of him holding up the Tesseract, in an almost pained and defeated manner to a much larger being than himself.  Is Loki handing this over to Thanos? Is he trying to use the Tesseract to buy his way into power? Maybe get on Thanos’ good side before trying to steal his power? He is the trickster, after all, so the answer to this question will probably need to wait until the movie debuts.

Blurry, we know, but at 1:21 there’s such a quick shot of someone throwing a spear that it’s hard to catch. At first, we thought it could be Hela or even Nebula. That’s how fast it moves. But seeing that we are facing off against Thanos, it is possible that it could be one of Thanos’ henchmen. More specifically, it looks like Proxima Midnight.

See what we mean? See the resemblance?

Does this mean that we will see the rest of Thanos’ Black Order? Of course, it could also just be one of the Black Panther’s guards, because shortly after we hear Panther talking about giving someone a shield and Captain America comes on screen.

At 1:42 we hear a heartbreaking scream as we see a very large someone taking the Infinity Stone from The Vision. We can’t really tell who it is, but it appears to be quite painful to do so. We also see that whoever it is, they are strong enough to beat him up and somehow keep him from phasing through the floor. The Vision has a way to phase through the most solid material, but he doesn’t seem to be able to do that here. Within the next few seconds, we see Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet with the Stone of Space and Mind.

What we find strange is that if we remember right, the mind stone was a different color in the comics. But the stone that Vision carries is yellow. The stone in Thanos Gauntlet so far are the blue and purple ones, so we can only think that maybe they changed the colors of the stones in the MCU? This also hints at the condition of the Nova Core. At the end of the first Guardians movie, the Space Stone was given to them for safe-keeping. Seeing that Thanos has the stone, must mean that someone either stole the stone for him, or he took matters into his own hands and took the stone from Nova Core.

Nearing the 2-minute mark, we see Captain America’s Avenger team running towards the screen as if they’re about to brawl it out with someone that’s not the “important” part. On the left side of the screen, we notice someone flying through the air and it’s not The Falcon. Is this War Machine? If so, he must have recovered enough to be back on his feet, or at least something was done in order to fix enough of the damage done to him during the Civil War movie. It’s also possible he may be remotely controlling the suit, as we’ve seen with previous films.

The end of the trailer at 2:15 shows a somewhat scared and quite confused Thor asking “Who the hell are you guys?”. To which we then see a smug Star-Lord who is equally intrigued with a much more grown Groot, Gamora, Mantis, Rocket Raccoon and Drax in the background. How did Thor end up with the likes of these? We’d have to assume that the ship hovering over Thor’s at the end of Ragnorak was Thanos’ ship. And after a chase and battle sequence, Thor somehow ended up in the hands of these guys.