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Borderlands 3 Trailer Breakdown



Gearbox announced the highly anticipated Borderlands 3 at PAX East last week with a trailer fit for Pandora.

And yes, we are obsessed with it. I’ve personally had the trailer on repeat quite a few times a day, trying to decrypt any hidden messages and clues I can from it.

So what have I found so far? Let’s break it down.

Children of the Vault and Calypso

Right at the beginning of the trailer we see an unmasked Psycho, walking into a settlement with a sign saying “Children of the Vault” or CoV, which to me screams CULT. On top of that, on the left side of that sign, we see a smaller sign that says “Answer Calypso Call” and cruelly drawn pictures of 2 people that appear shortly after in the trailer. Seeing that appear throughout the trailer, I’m guessing the story is going to revolve around CoV and the 2 depicted are the “main baddies” of the game – with one of them potentially being called Calypso. Some sources are suggesting that Calypso may be their last names and that the two are related, but there isn’t any evidence to prove that one way or another just yet. Others believe that Calypso may be some sort of post apocalyptic religious icon, but again, no proof to push this theory one way or another at this time.

The return of Lilith

Around the 30 second mark of the trailer, we get to see that Lilith is returning, which is good but more importantly, it’s our first look at the 4 main characters/classes we get to play. Not much is known about the others, but the Internet did not disappoint by finding some leaked information on the names of our new Vault Hunters…

Amara, Flak, Moze and Zane.

“I’ve Witness Mayhem”

Around the 40 second mark, we see the phrase “I’ve Witness Mayhem”. Prior to the developer trailer, Gearbox dropped a trailer called “Mask of Mayhem” so I’m guessing that this will also be a recurring theme in the game. The End of the World, cults and mayhem, which aren’t necessarily new to Pandora, but they are found throughout the trailer seem to be building up to be the driving theme of this saga of the Borderlands franchise.

Those two baddies we talked about earlier? They’re back.

And Lilith appears to be in trouble, too. At the 1 minute 16 second mark, we get confirmation that the two individuals we saw earlier are indeed the baddies of the game. And Lilith appears to be in a pinch as she is knocked down on the ground, trying to crawl away as the 2 chit chat behind her. Their motivation has not been revealed just yet, but the “Mask of Mayhem” trailer eludes to the fact they’re in charge of CoV and somehow have managed to convince the Psychos on Pandora to pray to them like some sort of gods.

“Explore the Worlds” – Yes, Worlds. PLURAL.

Earlier in the trailer, it’s mentioned “Explore the Worlds” meaning that the game will most likely take place on worlds other than Pandora. At 1:39, we see the deserts of Pandora, a cityscape, swampland and then back to the desert. We do know that Pandora has varying landscapes, but traveling to different worlds is what seems to be hinted at here and would definitely expand the story line and game play possibilities for us in game.

New Vehicles, Returning Vault Hunters.

One thing we loved most about Pandora was picking up a sweet ride and making insane jumps across the wasteland. Throughout the trailer, we get to see a few new vehicles which looked pretty awesome. The first we see is right around the 1:24 mark, and it looks like some sort of hover truck. We also briefly see a new type of bike that shows up just a few moments into the trailer, but that could possibly be an “enemy only” item that we won’t get to ride around in.

In addition to the new vehicles, we’re also seeing some of our favorite vault hunters and characters make their return to Pandora in Borderlands 3.

Confirmed returning characters so far are Brick, Mordikaiser, Tiny Tina, Zero, Maya, Lilith, Rhy (Tales from the Borderlands), Vaugh (Tales from the Borderlands), Ellie, HammerLock, Aurelia, Patricia, Marcus and Claptrap. There is a brief shot where it does look like we may see the return of Moxxi, however, the clip is so quick that we can’t say this with certainty.

When does it take place?

The events of this game seem to take place quite some time after the events of Borderlands 2 because Tiny Tina, doesn’t seem to be so “tiny” anymore. She looks like she’s at least a teenager, so we’d have to assume somewhere between 5-9 years after BL2.

New classes?

According to an article from, we’ll be seeing 4 new classes in Borderlands 3.

  1. Soldier / Gunner Class – Moze – The Bot Jock
    The soldier is very tech and robot featured, and is able to call a titan like in the game Titanfall. She will have a co-op focused skill tree which will allow a co-op buddy to climb on the titan and control its mounted turret (3rd person mode?).
  2. Siren Class – Amara
    The siren is a female that is melee focused, similar to Brick from Borderlands 1. The Siren will have 3 action skills: Phaselock (holds 3 enemies in place at once), Ground pound, and self-projection which is aimed to be similar to the holograms that Jack “The Doppleganger” had in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.
  3. Assassin Class – Zane – The Operative
    The Assassin will be similar to Zer0 from Borderlands 2 as he will be able to throw out a decoy to draw aggro elsewhere. He’s considered a wealthy character, and has more classy character customizations than others in the game.
  4. The Vault Hunter – With Pet Class
    This Beast Master can choose between 3 different pets, all with unique abilities.
    The Vault Hunter is still in an alpha state as the AI of the pet isn’t working properly. In the past, it was mentioned by an anonymous Gearbox employee that AI is a difficult thing to get right. The Beast Master visually is a robot that somewhat looks homeless in it’s current state by being a bit rough around the edges.

So, who’s ready for Borderlands 3 already?

I know I am. I’ve already downloaded the previous games to catch back up on the saga in preparation for the Fall 2019 release date.