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Is It Really A Civil War? Or Just A Family Feud?




With the first trailer for the 3rd installment of the Captain America series out, we want to say it’s not too early to hop aboard the hype train.

The Captain America storyline has been quite possibly the best, with a slow build leading up into the Winter Soldier movie, which we now get to watch the Avengers slowly fall apart in Civil War.

Even with the strength and muscle behind the Avengers, it leads us to a few thoughts when it comes down to “Captain America: Civil War”…

Is it actually a civil war? Or simply a family feud?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the where the story is sitting, let me break it down for you. Civil War was a story arc that ran from 2006 to 2007 that spanned the whole Marvel Earth 616 universe. The scale of the story arc was huge! Almost every Marvel character was involved in some way or another and sometimes teams were split down the middle. We had the Avengers breaking apart from Iron Man’s pro-registration, while the hero’s counterparts like Luke Cage, Captain America, and Falcon are completely against it. Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four basically separated over it because Sue Richard felt that the Act was too much and Reed backed Iron Man in being pro-Act. Then you had characters like Spiderman and Punisher, whose lives were forever changed and affected by the events of the story.

Civil War also setup the universe for the Avenger’s initiative where the U.S. Government had a superhero team for each state and eventually, it led to the Skrull Secret Invasion, the Dark Avengers, the rise of Norman Osborn being put in charge of the Initiative, etc..

This story arc was what brought me back to comic books and it’s hard to imagine that the movie will do it justice. After the 90’s it was hard to stay focused on what I came to love from Marvel, and I had a falling out with the comic books around early 2000. But it was this series that changed my jaded, nerd attitude and brought me back to the Marvel Universe.

Captain America Civil War

The main issue I have with the movie using the same title as this important Story Arc is that the movie itself isn’t portraying itself as a Civil War. If anything, it’s a disagreement between the Avengers and Tony Stark, along with some head-butting from the U.S. Government. This does not appear to be a country-wide issue or even worldwide issue between the heroes and the world, this seems like something that can be resolved over a few drinks and some city-wide brawling, again…

They briefly have touched base on the whole Superhuman Registration Act and seem to be pushing the story towards that but the scale of it seems… underwhelming in comparison to the comic book version. And I understand that we need to be realistic about our expectations as the comic books allowed our imagination to create vast storylines outside of each comic book panel we were given. But it seems nearly impossible and somewhat deceiving to think you can fit everything into a 2-3 hour movie.

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is a prime example of what I’m talking about. The movie wasn’t bad by any means, a little bit stupid and cheese-filled at times, but the movie was called “Age of Ultron”. There wasn’t really any aging of Ultron in any aspect, it was basically about 2-3 days of Ultron and then the movie was over. Sure, some time did pass, but it felt a bit rushed and cliche. Oh no, there’s a bad guy on our radar, better take him out! And then all of a sudden being allied with the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver without any story really defining why they chose good..

I feel Civil War is going in the same direction where it will be a massive title with huge box office numbers, but at the same time having a hard time delivering around the hype. And I don’t think anyone would mind if they chose a different title, but kept some of the same story elements.

I can think of a dozen titles off the top of my head, like Captain America: Team Feud!, Captain America: Civil Disagreement, or Captain America: Tony Stark is an egotistical jerkface! Of course, they would have much more creative titles that would make sense for the storyline, but they’re also getting paid to think of these things..

Where will the future of Marvel go?

The thought of how far they have to stray from the actual storyline to fit it into a cinematic event makes me worried for the future of Marvel, and the movies to come.

Up next, we have Thor: Ragnarok and from the sounds of it, it seems it will have very little to do with the Twilight of the Gods. It’s also fantastic that they are starting to bring some other characters into the spotlight, such as Black Panther. But stretching the stories thinner to expand the universe doesn’t seem like the “Marvel” way to go about it.

As far as Captain America Civil War goes, I really enjoy that the other Avengers are key players in what is usually a single character driven story. This whole time, we have been left with questions, such as “Where was Iron Man during Winter Soldier?”, and “Where was the Hulk during The Dark World?”, and even “Where was Captain America during Iron Man 3?”

These are all valid questions because the heroes don’t just go away during these times. While some of the cross stories, heroes like Thor are off dealing with their own things.. But they aren’t completely gone. What was Iron Man thinking of when the Winter Soldier (Bucky) was out to kill his “Good Friend” the Cap? Seems like horrible teammates, if you ask me.

While it sounds like I may be nitpicking, there are plenty of you out there who are fearing the same thing. Does that mean the movie won’t be good? Of course not. Marvel has always been great about delivering an excellent and authentic experience.

So why make a fuss about it? Well, because there are some inconsistencies that do need to be addressed with Marvel and their titles. It may seem minor, and pointless, but for a true fan, it IS a big deal. I hold the Civil War storyline very close because it was the series that brought back my love for comic books, and it’s a fear that it will not live up to the expectation of what the comic books have created. Especially while Age of Ultron was a bit lackluster…