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Los Angeles Gets Hot New Night Spot With Barcade: Eighty Two




Los Angeles night life has been quite a hot mess for the past few years as the age of raves has crept into the mainstream ruining the state of bars and clubs everywhere that don’t cater to an UNCE UNCE crowd. Places that once had a few Pacman and Simpsons machines, have either shut down or sold them off and replaced them with console games or photobooths. The age of of the arcade was coming to a close and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Dave & Busters attempted to try and do something great, but in my opinion fell quite short of it with their overpriced and generic set of games available. Luckily, with Eighty Two, that’s all going to change.

Eighty Two is a 21+ Barcade in the heart of Los Angeles. Mixing booze and the classic arcade experience with over 40 fully restored machines, Eighty Two is a unique night life experience catering to everything we love. With opening hours as early as 2pm on the weekend, be prepared for a funfilled afternoon of gaming and drinks that can go on as long as you have a couple quarters or til they call last call.

And they have all of our favorites too! From Centipede, Dig Dug, Doctor Who, Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat II, PacMan, Space Invaders, TMNT and even the lesser found PAPERBOY. The wide variety of video games and pinball has put a major hole in our wallets! (Click here to see a full list of current games at EightyTwo)

And renaming some classic cocktails with some of our favorite video game characters and nerd terms is always a hit in our books. If it’s your first time visiting, the Princess Peach is a must! A bit sweet and fruity, but a good sipping drink to quench your thirst in between continues!

All in all, if you like things nerdy from your games down to your drinks and love to have a good time -then Eighty Two will make you feel at home. For more, you can visit Eighty Two’s website: