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Gotta Catch Em All! Google Maps Gets Pokemon Update!




While Google isn’t on the search for the world’s best Pokemon Master, they clearly made it fun for all with this years April Fools Day joke. A quick update and mod to Google Maps has allowed for users to start at Google HQ (Or the Pokemon Lab) and set forth across the map and track down and catch Pokemon around the world. To start, launch Google Maps on your smartphone and click the search bar. An option will pop up and just click Press Start and you’re ready to go!

While most Pokemon seem to be at big landmarks, there are few in between that might hold significance to the programmers themselves. From a few local high schools next to Google HQ, to catching a Spritzee at Disneyland. There is no stopping you on the hunt to catch them all!

Google has a history of elaborate April Fools Day jokes, including ‘Nose’ where you could smell through your computer, using YouTube to ‘Rick Roll’ viewers, Chrome in 3D, Google Translate for Animals, 8-bit Maps and hundreds of others. While only a few that were thought to be pranks and shortlived had made it through as actual Google Products, we definitely hope that Pokemon Google Maps will be around or at least an option for quite sometime.


Check out our gallery below as we try to catch them all and let us know where some of your favorite are hidden!

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