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This Fan-Made Iron Giant Short Is The Sequel The World Needs



Iron Giant was a masterpiece, and easily one of the more underrated animated series of our time. A storyline that took place in the early 2000’s just got a fan reboot as a short documentary 40 years in the future. Iron Giant 2.0, written by Christian Day and Kurt Baringer, tells the story from the perspective of an older Kent Mansley (played by Robert Mitchell). The short documentary-style film has Mansley reflecting on that last day, and his travels all over the world to try and find the Iron Giant once again.

Christian Day, a CG Artist in commercials and VFX, first conceived this project as a small, 30-second trailer. What initially was a fun project to work on with his friends, morphed into something so much more over time. It took 4 years of on and off re-shoots, pick up shots and editing to turn it into the 4 minute and 42-second masterpiece it is today. Day, accompanied by Richard Jones, shot parts of it every year for 4 years in a row in the month of October only, to maintain consistency with the original shots. The big push was to finish this short just in time for “Ready Player One” where Iron Giant makes his first big-screen debut since 1999.

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