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League of Legends ULTRA RAPID FIRE!!!



The April Fool’s jokes don’t have to end just because it’s April 2nd. Riot, developers of League of Legend, have a special April Fool’s week-long treat for players. They created a gametype called “Ultra Rapid Fire” where all champs skills/spells are all free to cast, the cooldowns for spells are ridiculous,

movement and attack speeds have been increased, and the crit rate for ADC’s is insane. Of course to make things a little bit fair, they have removed certain aspects from the game. Kassadin and Ryze have been removed from the game due to the fact that if they were still in the game, it would be just unfair to players. They also removed Revive as a summoner spell because Revive was being over spammed and making the game last longer than it should. They also left the CDR for Zilean at close to normal because his ultimate skill with this insane CDR would just make the team unkillable. This is what I love about League that within their usual gametypes, from time to time, they throw us a fun mod (All for One, Hexakill, etc) to mix it up and just give the community a little break from the usual.  Great work Riot! Keep it up!