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Chatting It Up With MapleCakes





We love chatting with cosplayers, gamers, and just like-minded nerds all day, every day. But this week we had the privilege of sitting down and chatting with the wonderful Karly Maple from MapleCakes Cosplay! For longtime readers, you may have read her voice in one of our older posts “Cosplay is not Consent”. Additionally, she was the talented creator behind my GIANT AXE that I carried all throughout Anime Expo last year! We can never truly thank her enough for all her input and the unique voice she brings to with her insights to the Cosplay Culture.

Lets start with the basics..

What inspired you to get into cosplaying?

MapleCakes- I’ve always loved video games and anime, especially the character designs. I also loved dressing up, and Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. So cosplay was the perfect mix of two things I love. I’m also an artist and its a great artistic outlet for me since I like to make all of my cosplays.

AX Day 1

Giant Axe of Awesomeness made by MapleCakes


We’ve been watching your prop making for quite some time, and I have to say I am pretty impressed. The Axe you made me for Anime Expo last year was durable, lightweight and with all my horseplay has managed to survive.

What has been your favorite prop or costume to construct so far?

MapleCakes- My favorite is definitely my Mad Moxxi cosplay. I feel like a completely different person when I wear that costume. She’s such a fun character to wear, and I feel so confident and empowered in it with the response I get at cons. It’s a complete transformation too which I love! She has crazy makeup, contacts, and just an overall loud personality and design.


I’ve only had the honor of seeing pictures of it but it looks amazing! Isn’t it a lot of work though?

MapleCakes- Thank you! She is definitely one hell of a costume to get into. The first time I wore her at Anime Expo 2014 it took me nearly 3 hours from start to finish! I’ve gotten a lot quicker though and my makeup is a lot cleaner and accurate, so it takes about an hour now. I’ve also done a ton of improvements on her since I first debuted her, and I actually remade the entire costume for ALA this year. One thing that will always be tough is the pain from being in heels all day and not touching my face the entire time I have on the costume. She’s definitely a challenge, but it’s all worth it for the queen of the underdome!

Seems like a lot of work but it definitely looks great!
What has been your favorite Con so far?

MapleCakes- It’s so hard to say! I’ve been very fortunate since I started Cosplaying and met some amazing friends that make every con awesome. I’m actually at Hanadoki Con in San Diego right now and this con has been a total blast. This one is definitely up there, but I would have to say Anime Expo 2013 was my favorite. It was my first convention and I felt so accepted and had such a good time. There’s nothing that can compare to an established con like Anime Expo.

You cosplayed as Ruby that year, right?

MapleCakes- I did! She was my very first cosplay. I actually made her before the series was even out because I was just so obsessed with her character design. I really wanted to do the character justice, so I really went all out. I even made an 8ft tall Crescent Rose prop to carry around. I’ve been a huge fan of Monty Oum’s work for years now and I really wanted to bring life to such a cool character. It’s so sad that such a talent left this world at just 33.


I just recently finished the watching RWBY. It was soo good and it’s so sad that he’s no longer with us.

He also did the Dead Fantasy stuff right?

MapleCakes- Yes! I was so obsessed with that crossover! He blended 2 of my favorite game series so flawlessly. Dead Fantasy is was really got me hooked on his work.MapleCakes

Didn’t he also do that Samus vs Master Chief video? I remember watching that years ago and just having my jaw drop on how cool it looked

MapleCakes- Yes! Haloid was the best! I would love to cosplay Samus one day and find a Chief Cosplayer to recreate some action shots from that animation.

That would be amazing! That also leads to my next question…

If you could cosplay as anyone (but can’t because of time or money), who would cosplay as?

MapleCakes- Summoner Yuna from Final Fantasy X for sure! She was the first character I ever wanted to be and what really made me consider cosplay. Even as a little kid playing that game I would tell my uncle who introduced me to the game that I wanted to be like Yuna. I finally have the opportunity, but I want her to be impeccable. I really want to pour my heart into that costume and use the highest quality materials I can. Hopefully, someday I will have the proper skills to put together an amazing Yuna costume.

Not gonna lie, Final Fantasy 10 wasn’t my favorite of the FF series (mostly because of Tidus lol), but I did love Yuna! She was classy, strong, and determined as a character!

MapleCakes- Yes! She is such a strong and beautiful character and I feel like she really just had such an impact on players. I totally wish I could summon badass Aeons like her!

That would be amazing AND scary at the same time haha

MapleCakes- I would be terrified if someone summoned Maester Seymours aeon, Anima.

Anima was like something out of a bad bondage nightmare hahaha

MapleCakes- 50 shades of Nope!

If you could work with anyone in the biz, who would you work with? Also, who is your Cosplay Bestie? Someone you’ve worked with that you can’t wait to work with again?

MapleCakes- I would love to with Hee Hee (Heather) from Twinzik! She is on a whole ‘nother level of cosplay and she cosplays stuff like the Grinch and Ace Ventura, which you don’t see a lot. A lot of cosplayers just stick to anime, video games, and comics. Her work is just incredible.
My Cosplay bestie is definitely my best friend Hana (mailboxvillain Cosplay) she’s been with me since my very first con and we Cosplay together all the time!

MapleCakesThat’s true. I feel like I don’t see a lot of non- anime, comics, or video game relate cosplays. Why do you think that is?

MapleCakes- I feel like people feel a lot more comfortable dressing up as characters that aren’t portrayed by other people/actors since its a bit harder to translate if you don’t look like the actor. There are some amazing cosplayers that go all out with expensive wigs and custom prosthetics to really morph into another person.

I see a lot of people that amazing work with Cross-plays or Gender Benders. That’s the right term, right? When a guy or girl cosplays as someone of the opposite gender?

MapleCakes- Yep that’s the name! I really wish I could pull off male Cosplays well, I need to work on my makeup and contouring skills so I can Cosplay as more guys!

Okay, okay, one last set of questions. You’ve been in the cosplay community for a couple of years at this point… If there was something you could change about the community – what would it be?

What would be your words of wisdom for someone just getting started?

MapleCakes- I would change all the shaming in the community. Body, weight, skin color, etc. Cosplay is all about fun and no one deserves to be put down for wanting to dress up as a character they love. I’ve been very fortunate and have been surrounded with nothing but positivity since I started, and I wish that was the case for everyone. Anyone that wants to Cosplay should!

As for new cosplayers, all I have to say is just do it! I wish I would have started cosplaying earlier; my only regret is starting so late in life. A lot of my friends have been cosplaying since they were 14 or 15 and I didn’t start till I was 18. Also, don’t let anyone put you down and just tune out any negativity that may come your way.