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Out of the 100’s and 1,000’s of Marvel capes, WHY ANT-MAN?

With Ant-Man coming out this year, I decided it was about that time for another rant. I honestly don’t get it. Out of the 100’s of 1000’s of Marvel capes that they could’ve given a movie to, Marvel/Disney (which I nicknamed now as “MARV-NEY”. I think it’s a pretty sweet name, INTERNET LET’S GET THAT SHIT STARTED) decided to give a movie to the stick up the ass, wife beating, egoistical, self-absorbed asshole that is Ant-Man aka Hank Pym. I know that the movie isn’t going to be 100% about Hank Pym’s Ant-man but it is going to be more about his predecessor, Scott Lang. I don’t even have an issue with the casting of Michael Douglas as Pym and Paul Rudd as Lang.. It’s a general issue with Ant-man directly.

Pym is my least favorite Avenger..

Personally, Pym has always been one of my least favorite Avengers. I would even go as far as to say that I even hate him as a character. I would rather see a movie completely dedicated to Hawkeye or Black Widow before seeing Ant-man come to life. Okay, that might be a little bit extreme, but I might consider it. I think as a character, he lacks any traits that are likeable.

1- He has flip flopped between Super Hero Alias so many times, that it is kind of ridiculous.
2- He physically/emotionally assaulted his (ex) wife a few times in multiple comicbook universes.
3- HE CREATED ULTRON aka the biggest constant pain the Avengers’ ass.
4- He’s overly cocky and confident when he honestly doesn’t have a reason to be.

More than anything, I want to point out his overall cockiness and just shit attitude throughout the series. In the Age of Ultron storyline (in the comics, not the movie), there is a point in the storyline where they consider trying to go back in time to stop Pym from creating Ultron in the first place. I say they consider it because they come to the conclusion that doing so would just make him want to do it anyway! That speaks volumes of the negativity that dwells within this character if people have such little faith in you to know that you wouldn’t listen to time traveling friends warning you to not do something. Something that literally could end the world.

Ant-man Teaser

I know that in the movies they’re not going to portray him in the same way that they did in the comics but that definitely shows a disconnect between the original storyline for the sake of a quick buck in the eyes of mainstream media. Overall, it’s a bad character and story choice for Marvel to move forward with.

There is no excuse for domestic abuse.


We all know that every good Super Hero has their faults, but I strongly believe that the faults of Ant-man are too great to be ignored. Especially the wife-beating one. I’m 1000% against violence to women and the fact that some “hero” is being glamourized instead of faulted and get a movie is absolutely ridiculous. While some try to justify the choice and say, “Oh, well that was an old comic,” there is no excuse for domestic abuse. Even if you watch the latest cartoons that have involved Hank Pym, you can still see that he is emotionally abusive to The Wasp, aka his girlfriend and wife.

Personally, I think this movie may be the first one in the Marvel line I have to skip. I will just have to wait for the Black Panther movie or the next Captain America one. Yeah, I know, Ant-man is a core member of the Avengers in a lot of the universes and that he has been an on & off again Avenger for the longest time but there is no justifying him as a hero in any way, shape or form. And I don’t think Marvel is worthy of my $10 for this flick. I’ll just read the Wikipedia page in regards to it in order to get an idea of what happens in the story and how that will affect the Marvel Cinema universe.