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MTG – Beijing Grand Prix




This past weekend the Beijing Grand Prix took place and it was the largest Magic The Gathering event to take place in mainland China so far. It was a grueling weekend of victories and losses. This weekend’s final match up was Yuuga Watanabe (Black Devotion) versus California local, Sherwin Pu (Boros Burn) with Watanabe coming out on top with a 2 to 1 victory. For Watanabe, this is his 20th Grand Prix appearance and his 7th victory. This is a huge achievement to add to his previous achievements of two time player of the year and rookie of the year. On top of the victory, Watanabe goes home with $4000 cash prize and runner up Sherwin doesn’t leave empty handed with a $2700 cash prize. Congrats to Watanabe and better luck to you next grand prix Sherwin. As a California local, I’ll be cheering for you.