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NBA 2K20 Fouls It Up



NBA 2K20 just dropped not too long ago, and the community is having a fit because the game is a buggy and glitchy mess — And I don’t blame them.

The glitches range from BSOD (aka Blue Screens of Death) mid-game to not receiving rewards, points or stat boosts, to even seeing missing names on jerseys, slow load times, and the BIG OOPS deletion of MyTeam rosters. Painful.

There is absolutely nothing worse than having your progress and hard work deleted. The Internet is so mad about this that there is even a petition that has over 28,000  signatures at the time of publishing advising to fire the community manager – Ronnie2K (Ronnie Singh) for false advertising and misleading players.

Word to the developers: Maybe instead of wasting so much time developing and marketing gambling tactics that prey on people (Colorful slot machines, really?) – Maybe you should have used that time making sure the product they delivered was an actual functioning game.

There were so many resources wasted on creating videos and ads to talk all about their creative and new lootbox system. They got influencers to do videos for them, and you know they didn’t do it for free, either. All of that could have been spent stabilizing the game and platform. It’s not like they didn’t have the funding or capital to do so. NBA 2K19 sold over 9 million copies, with 1.23 million of them being sold just within the first week. 

To the Community: Firing Ronnie2K isn’t really going to fix this. He made a lot of (bad) claims in regards to what we could and couldn’t do – and he’s really just a puppet for the brand itself. A face for all the mistakes that have been made. Someone higher up, who also pays his wage, tells him what to say and when to say it, and really at the end of the day, he’s just doing his job. Who knows? Maybe at the time of his statements, there were plans to implement some of these features that fell through between then and launch.

I believe that firing him is going to waste more time and money in the long run, when all they need to do is just refocus their resources and teams to fix the day. We all want someone’s head on the chopping block for a botched release, but this one ain’t it guys.

Protest with your wallets.

Tell your friends not to buy the game. Don’t buy it if you haven’t already. Give it bad reviews and speak honestly about your opinion and experience of the game. And definitely, don’t waste your money on the lootbox system.

Also, don’t harass the content creators.

The influencers making content around this game – they didn’t make the game! And while they did take part in the marketing efforts, it’s not their fault. They have bills to pay just like the rest of us, and from what we’ve heard the content they were shown is a complete 180 from what was delivered at launch.

It also further drives home the idea that all of us, as consumers, need to stop buying into the preorder models. We should wait for reviews to come out post-launch, and make our purchase decisions based off of that. This isn’t blaming the consumers for purchasing a game they really wanted to play. This is instead giving the power back to us, to receive the quality we deserve. Be smart about your research. Don’t just make a decision based off one YouTube video, or one positive Steam review. When I purchase games I check Metacritic, watch multiple YouTube review and gameplay videos, read through some of the Steam reviews and also consult with other independent sites out there, like our own. I then take that information to make my own informed decision on whether or not I’ll purchase it. And based on all the feedback about NBA 2K20, I’ll be skipping out on it, for now.