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REVIEW: Invincible Comics




Today, I decided to take some time to talk about one of the most underrated but extraordinary comic books out there -Invincible . Invincible was created by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, The Astounding Wolf-Man, Guarding the Globe) and Cory Walker (Battle Pope) for Image Comics. The story revolves around Mark Grayson aka Invincible, a half human, half Viltrumite that come into his power sometime around his late teen years. His powers include super speed, flight, super strength, durability, some healing abilities, and his alien genes causes him to age at a slower rate after a certain point in his life. Some might say that his powers sort of resemble Superman and some might be right except that I personally think he is way more interesting than Superman.

*I know, I know.. We love all things nerdy here but I personally think Superman is kind of like the boyscout of superheroes and sort of… boring. BACK FANBOYS! BACK I SAY*

The comics follows the trails and adventures of Invincible as he comes to terms with his powers, his Viltrumite background (which plays a big role in the story so I don’t want to say more because SPOILERS), and dealing with being a high school/college student. On top of Invincible, there is also an all-star cast of other Heroes that interact and help Invincible through the comics. Most of the other major heroes in the comic have gotten their own spin off comics, which is great because allows us to get a better understanding of the supporting cast.

I honestly really liked this comic because the main character is a very relatable character. He’s a teenager/man that on top of dealing with saving the world, he also has to deal with his real life issues. There might be a few spoilers ahead, butt I’ll try to be as vague as possible as to not give away too much of the story. He has an estranged super hero father, a HOT super hero girlfriend, normal friends, he isn’t failing school, always dealing with the government, having it out with super villains, and manages to save the world. Right now the comics are at issue 108 but it’s not hard to find them floating around online. The artwork is beautiful and if you’re a fan of super hero comics or just a fan of Kirkman, this is a must have to your collection.