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Amazing Timeline Of All The Superhero Movies Coming Out Between NOW And 2020!



Ever wonder what superhero movies are coming out next?

Comics Alliance has always been known for being on their A game when it comes to pop culture and predictions, and they are here yet again with this helpful infographic to outline the superhero movies set to release between now and 2020.

Our timeline makes the assumption that the Warner Bros movies will be released in the order listed in their press release, which seems a safe assumption. We can also assume that some of the “year unknown” movies on the bottom tier, like Thor 3 and Gambit, may eventually be placed in some of the existing slots in the timeline, and that Marvel Studios, Fox, and Sony Columbia will announce further dates in 2019 and 2020

While some of the dates might be a little optimistic, such as Fantastic Four 2, as well as the several yet inevitable year unknown titles. But one thing is for certain, this list is a great general guideline to go by in regard to what is going to be released and an idea of what we can expect moving forward.

Don’t forget to head over to Comics Alliance and read their summary of the infographic detailing everything you need to know as to how they came to these conclusions!