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A Look Into The Future: WandaVision Speculation



During the D23 Expo a few weeks back, some new details emerged surrounding WandaVision. The cast, concept art, and the overall general aesthetic of the show had all been revealed, but outside of that, we really don’t know all that much.

To recap, the show is going to have the aesthetic of a 1950s sitcom with the flare of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For a while now I have been racking my brain trying to think how they could pull this off, especially given the fact that Vision dies during the events of “Infinity War” and he seemingly was not brought back during the events of End Game either.

Now that we’ve recapped, let me bring you to my level. Picture me in a room with newspaper clippings, and looking like I haven’t slept or showered for days. I’ve gone deep into this, and if you pictured Charlie from It’s Always Sunny, you aren’t all that off. So now that you’re fully caught up both on the happenings of the MCU and my lack of hygiene, let’s jump right into some theories I have.


Given the loss of Vision and the traumatic series of events that just occurred with Infinity War and End Game, House of M seems to be the likely candidate for the plotline of WandaVision. For those unfamiliar with this story arc, House of M is the unraveling of Wanda after a series of events in the comics similar to what we’ve seen on the big screen. In her mental breakdown, she becomes unhinged and delusional and ends up using her powers to indirectly and accidentally kill a couple of the Avengers. Charles Xavier has to keep her physically sedated in order to keep her from hurting others.

Her powers grow to be increasingly strong and unstable, and she becomes so powerful that she could literally shift and change reality to whatever she wants. During the House of M arc, she ends up changing reality so that Mutants are the thriving race, and humans are the ones being oppressed and going extinct.

Since her introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wanda has lost quite a bit. She lost her home, lost her brother, lost her freedom and team for a bit, she even lost the one man she loved. If you watched End Game, you could see the anger burning from inside her, and she was beginning to look a bit unhinged when fighting Thanos. And when you start to think about it, the extent of her powers haven’t really been defined in the MCU. We’ve seen that she can use her powers to block and contain things, she’s used them to lift and crush things, and she’s also used them to fly. But I think we might see the full range of her powers in the show.

The fact the show takes place in the 1950s could be for a variety of reasons, however, it could be interpreted that this sort of housewife, sitcom-like reality is a safe place. Nothing bad can happen, everything is always funny, and she could live out her life with Vision. In this world she created, she will get to be happy and have the life she can no longer have in the current plain of reality. And since it’s been referenced that WandaVision will tie directly into the next Doctor Strange movie, it seems plausible we might be seeing the Sorcerer Supreme coming to the aid of Wanda to put an end to this false reality she’s created.


During the events of “Infinity War,” we see that Vision is hooked up to the computer systems in Wakanda. We know that they were trying to figure out a way to remove the Mind Stone from Vision, that wouldn’t kill him. With this theory, I think they may have possibly done that without even realizing it.

This theory does go a bit back, to the Comics and Ultron. In the Comics, Ultron never technically dies because he just keeps backing himself up to a computer. After all, he is A.I. I’m thinking that during that time in Wakanda, maybe Vision figured out a way to back himself up into a computer system, but now he’s stuck or doesn’t realize he’s part of a simulation. Think, MCU meets the Matrix or Pleasantville. With this theory, Wanda has to go into the MCU Matrix in order to rescue him and pull him out of the program.

It’s also possible that the Vision we’ll see throughout the series isn’t the original Vision that we’ve met in previous movies. He could have been backed up some time ago, and they’re trying to condition and teach him to become the Vision they knew again. It wouldn’t be completely bizarre for an A.I. to have a save state or restore point of himself somewhere out there in the MCU?

The first theory certainly sets us up for a solid Phase 4, especially as we start to get introduced to more characters that are involved with the Multiverse of Madness arcs. It would also be easier to tie into the next Doctor Strange, but it would also be super cool to see the second theory come out of nowhere. After all, we did get a Time Heist in End Game so it wouldn’t be completely farfetched to see more of a Matrix approach moving forward.

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WandaVision is set to release on Disney+ in 2021.