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Yaya Han Says “End of the Golden Age of Cosplay” – We Say NOPE!




Yaya Han declares “The Golden Age” of Cosplaying is OVER!

In a recent interview, Yaya Han went on the record with Complex, proclaiming that “The Golden Age” of Cosplaying is over. Yaya, I know you have been around for a good amount of time but last time I checked, none of us are the Doctor of Geekdom that can call the time of Death on the “Golden Age”.

Yaya Han goes on to point out the fact that back in the day people were coming up with brilliant and amazing designs for cosplays. She goes on to say that back then there was a community that used to share idea, help each other, and even teach each other on costume design. She states that now cosplay is a mainstream industry where money is involved, people feel lost/confused and don’t know where to go with it or even where to start.

Hush, heathen!

No offense to Yaya, as we all know she’s a talented costume designer and a talented cosplayer (I haven’t met her in person but I’ve heard she really nice) but HUSH! I think this boom we are seeing is just the start of the Golden Age or if the “Golden Age” has truly passed us, then I think this is the start of the “Platinum Age” of Geekdom/Cosplaying.

People are getting more and more creative with their cosplays. It’s no longer the run of the mill usual Anime/Comic/Movie Characters, people are now putting their own spins on the same old ideas. They’re doing Gender Bender versions of their favorite characters, Steampunk versions, Artic versions, Light/Shadow versions or other amazingly original and creative ideas. People are no longer afraid to step away stick from the confines set by the original character design and I love it.

Well, back in my day…

Seriously, 10 years ago I feel like you wouldn’t see that. If anything I feel like “BACK IN THE DAY” people were more afraid of putting their own personal spin on an existing character just because people would bitch about how “IT’S NOT TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL DESIGN”. I feel like now-a-days people are a lot more accepting of people putting their own personal touches on a cosplay! This openness is inviting to people that are new to cosplay or are even just interested in getting into cosplay. They see people come up with their own ideas and see how awesome people think it is and it makes them want to try something original or at least even give it a try! Sure, it’s a bit intimidating because there are a lot of really talented cosplayers out there but a lot of people use that as inspiration to try even harder.

As for people being helpful and teaching other costume design, I don’t know when was the last time that Yaya checked Youtube but there are 1000s of youtube channels dedicated to teaching step by step on how to create their own cosplays. Not only that but I’ve personally have had in-depth conversations with other cosplayers in regards to technic or what material they used or even how long it took them to do their costume. Yeah, you’ll run into a few snobs here and there but for the most part, most people in the community are always more than willing to lend a helping hand. The community in general is made up of extremely nice people! There are tons of people that before this boom had the ability to sew and create stuff but never had an outlet for it. This boom has given those people with that set of skills a place to put their talents to work. Whether it is doing tutorials on Youtube or it is actually making outfits for other people or for themselves!

The only downside that I see to the explosion of cosplay into the mainstream is that, I’m seeing a lot of the same characters over and over (I’m looking at all you who decided to wear the same crappy Hot Topic hashed Harley Quinn/Joker cosplayers at cons! Nothing against you, it’s just that every con, I see SOOOOO many of them. It does get a little old). Honestly, though, that’s just my personal opinion and at the end of the day, I don’t think it should matter because they are having fun. Sure, there are some people that are into cosplay because they want to be the next Jessica Nigri or the next Yaya. And that’s totally cool for them if they want to be famous but for every person that does it for the fame, there are a 100 people that are just doing it for fun and their love of cosplay.