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15 Tips & Tricks To Make You Better At League Of Legends




In the past few years, League of Legends has quickly become one of the most played AND most watched online multiplayer games and has easily beat out Starcraft II for that title. It’s drawing such a massive audience that many high-level players are now considered as E-Athletes and can get VISAs to travel to other countries in order to take part in competitions where huge cash prizes are at stake. While few have what it takes to be an “A-list” talent in the world of e-sports, and even some started off as just ‘decent players’ – when it comes down to it the game is truly there just to entertain. And whether you are trying to go pro, or just having a drink on a Friday night and trying to ‘pwn some n00bz’ with your pals, I put together a few tips & tricks I’ve learned along the way that can help you be a better player or just have some more fun in game.
1. The Summoner’s Code says that Pick Order surpasses calling the role you want. This is especially true when it comes to the draft and ranked games. If you really wanted a certain position on the team, you can always ask your teammates (in a mature fashion) if it is okay to take another role. Saying “MID OR FEED”, “whatever… 2 mids”, or not saying anything at all and just picking what you want isn’t going to help the game at all. It won’t be fun for you and it will definitely not be fun for your teammates. It will be a waste of 30+ mins and have the possibility of getting reported/banned.
2. When your teammate says “I’m really bad at this role, could I get so & so instead” be considerate. Your teammate is letting you know ahead of time that they’re not too confident with their ability to play certain roles. If the team ignores these types of comments and requests, then they have no one else to blame but themselves for not trying to help that player get a role that they might feel more confident dealing with. Even if it’s a group of randoms, you have to work as a team in order to win.

League Of Legends
3. Team Composition can win or lose games. Even if even teammates get the roles that they want, if their team comp isn’t good, it doesn’t matter how good you are at your roles. League isn’t just about what champion you want to play, it about getting champions that will work well together.
4. Ranked Games are not the place to try out experimental roles or builds. If you want to try out support Vayne or something else like that, please try it on a normal or bot game. That’s what they’re there for.
5. If playing ranked, play a role that you’re good and comfortable with. If you’re bad at a role, Ranked isn’t the place to try to improve your skills at that role. Remember that other people are trying to move up in ranks and it’s messed up to screw up someone else’s chances of moving up.
6. WARDS. Can’t say this enough. It’s everyone’s job to ward, especially now that everyone gets 1 free trinket and an extra spot forwards. I know that it’s mostly the supports job to ward because they get the sightstone but top and mid have toward their own bushes. Also, be smart about your ward placements because they can save your life.

Sweeping Lens Trinket LOL
7. Personally, I run Sweeping Lens if I support bottom lane because the less vision the enemy has, the more ganks that can happen. It’s a smart move but some people like having more wards which I can totally understand why.
8. Call MIA’s. I know it seems basic but it happens all the time. Players forget to call their MIA’s. Missed calls can cost a lane a death. Even if the opponent is gone for a couple of seconds, remember that some champs are faster than then others when it comes to traveling through the maps. Also, make sure to call MIA’s in regards to the jungler. If you say that the jungler is in your lane and they go MIA, it could be that they’re sitting and waiting for you to make a mistake or it could be that they’ve moved on to another lane. Be sure to warn the other lanes

League Of Legends Map
9. Map awareness is key. Having wards will not help anyone if you are NOT paying attention to the map. Having tunnel vision is 1 of the worst enemies in this game because junglers and mids can sneak up on you and ruin your lane.

Rage Quit
10. KEEP YOUR COOL BRO. Mistakes happen. Screaming or shit talking your teammates for mistakes doesn’t help anyone. I’ve seen enough games where teammates spend more time bitching at each other than focusing on the game. You already have 5 enemies on the opposing team, don’t make more. Also, don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes. Your teammates are more forgiving than you think so long as you own up to simple mistakes and do your best not to let it happen again.
11. It’s okay to ask for help from your teammates. If you’re struggling in your lane but not asking for a gank or assistance, how they doing to know that you need help? If your teammate is asking for help, don’t sit there and berate them for asking for help. They’re being honest and letting you know that they are having issues with their lane and could use some assistance. This is a TEAM game, so help the TEAM. If you wanted to play by yourself you should have chosen bot mode instead.

League of Legends
12. Get rid of the EGO. Seriously! 90% of us aren’t pros or even close to it, so don’t act like you’re the best person on the team. Sounds cheesy, but there is no “I” in “Team”. Plus all it does is piss off your teammates when you act like you’re God’s gift to mankind and you can’t even hold a lane. Just stop.
13. Communication is key. If you have to, ask your teammates to get on Skype so it’s easier to communicate. Even without Skype, League has made it easier to just ping in orders to communicate with the team. BUT that doesn’t mean abuse the PING. Pinging 5 times isn’t helping anyone, it’s just annoying.
14. I can’t say this enough… Don’t be a dick. Seriously. No one likes a bragging asshole, so stop it.
15. And most importantly have fun and relax. It’s just a game. Isn’t that games are supposed to be about? Most of us aren’t making a living by being a Pro E-sport Athlete, so don’t take the game so seriously. Winning feels awesome and losing sucks but honestly at the end of the day, it’s just a game and I think too many people who play really seem to forget this.


While I’m not claiming to be pro or even a decent player, these are tips that helped me along the way. I’m only a Silver 2 this season and I pretty much only got there by playing Support. But at the end of the day, if you aren’t having fun then really… What’s the point?