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20 Tips And Tricks For Fortnite Noobs



A few weeks ago, we played Fortnite for the first time on Facebook Gaming to see what all the hype was about. After a 3 hour stream, I’m (@chotheamazing) not entirely sure I’m a better player…

However, other members of the Keep It Nerdy team are definitely great (better than I am) at the game, and offered to lend me a few tips on how to up my own Fortnite game. These tips are in no particular order.

1. Crouching.

It seems like this is something that should go without saying because it’s super obvious, but it’s something so many people (old and new to the game) forget. Crouching reduces your sights and can also reduce the bloom on your gun as you fire. Running and gunning is a major no-no in Fortnite, and can often get you killed.

2. Don’t hold down your trigger.

Another common and easy mistake to be made is that a lot of new players will hold down the trigger while trying to take out an opponent. Continuous fire drops the accuracy of your gun significantly. Even when using an SMG or an AR in game, it’s better to burst fire than just hold down the trigger button. The only time holding down the trigger button is a viable play style is in close quarters where the chaotic rule of “more bullets = more kills” applies.

3. Get a pair of headphones that has a mic.

Or, you can get a pair of headphones and a desk mic. Either way, both are ESSENTIAL for playing Fortnite, and most online multiplayer games these days. It doesn’t have to be something fancy, it can even be the headset that comes with your cellphone (at least, if you’re on PS4). Communication is key to winning this game. And being able to hear nearby footsteps, shots, building, chests, etc. can make the difference between getting out alive or getting sniped early on.

4. Learn the Compass.

One of the mistakes our writer @Furbilicious made early on was giving bad directions. For example, he would say things like “I’m getting shot from my right!” or “There are enemies right in front of me”. No one can help you when they don’t know which direction you’re facing or where the point of interest is in correlation to that. Learning to use degrees and direction can really help to synergize your game play.

5. Builder Pro all the way.

Many people try to focus on being a Combat Pro in Fortnite, rather than being a Builder Pro. For those of you unfamiliar with those terms, Combat Pros trend more towards a combat driven play style, whereas the Builders essentially are great at building structures throughout the game. Each of the trigger buttons are set for 1 of 4 build types, thus instead of having to cycle through to get the build type you want, as a Builder Pro you can build easier and faster. And even with all the changes Epic has made in regards to end game, being able to build fast is still key to winning matches.

6. Use Playground Mode.

Playground Mode is a fantastic and pressure free mode to practice your building, pushing strategies and even just a place to practice with your teammates to improve accuracy and communication. It’s essentially a sandbox that allows you toy around to “Git Gud”.

7. Learn to weave and bob.

Plenty of areas on the map can leave you completely exposed, and walking in a straight line is the fastest way to get sniped. A solid strategy is that if you have to cross a wide open space and there is no other way around or through it, bobbing and weaving while you run can make you a more difficult target to hit. Even throwing in a few jumps every so often can help take you away from being an ‘easy kill’.

8. Abuse the Floating Island.

Season 6 granted us the floating island, and it’s significantly improved the Kill count in the K/D ratio (Kill to Death) for the Keep It Nerdy team. A good strategy to play is land on the floating island, grab a gun, jump off the side, float back down to combat or higher ground and take out a couple of opponents that are fighting it out. People who are usually fighting it out get a good case of tunnel vision, so you can usually score both kills before they have a chance to realize you’re there.

9. It takes 45 seconds to get across a grid on the map if you run in a straight line.

It seems like this might be a dumb thing to know, but it can literally save your life when you’re looting and the storm is starting to close in on you. It also helps if you land somewhere and it turns out the circle is really far from you.

10. Always have plenty of materials on hand.

The last thing you want to do is get caught in the middle of a fire fight with not enough materials to build cover. Always try to have 400+ mats, which should be a good enough to survive a build fight and enough in case your fight attracts other enemies and you have to go back into the fray ASAP.

11. Don’t hurt the big trees.

It’s important to always have materials on you at all times, but it’s important to not knock down the big trees when you’re harvesting mats. When you knock them down, they’re easily seen in the distance and can alert your enemies of your position.

12. Drop into the fray.

The best way to “Git Gud” is to just drop into the middle of things. Go to highly populated areas like Tilted, the Island, Paradise or the closest landmark to where the bus initially enters the map. Landing here will make sure that you have to fight, and sometimes forcing a fight is the best way to learn from your mistakes.

13. Play in less populated areas.

This is a total 180 from the previous tip, we know. But sometimes dropping into the fray can make you feel defeated, and give way too much pressure. Drop somewhere on the map where maybe only 1-2 others are dropping in. Get a feel for the map and use that early lead to gather materials and practice some basics with building.

14. LTM (Limited Time Modes) = Complete Challenges.

An easy way to complete the weekly Battlepass challenge is to do them in the Limited Time Modes. Usually, they’re 50 vs 50 maps with some random game mechanic, that really takes a lot of the pressure out of it. With funky stuff happening in the LTM, you can often have less of a chance of getting picked off while completing the challenge.

15. Assign roles to squad members (medic, bomber, etc.).

When playing a squad match, it’s a good idea to consider designating one person as the “pack mule” for the team. This individual will carry the potions and med kits, which really helps to free up inventory spots for the rest of the team. In the middle of a fire fight, everyone knows who has the meds and they can focus on their role of being able to drop items to top off team members in trouble. This can also be applicable for explosives, or other specific items where one team member can focus on that specific role.

16. Don’t forget to reload.

If you have a moment between fire fights, cycle through your guns and make sure that each one is reloaded. This will help you when you need to quick swap weapons in a pinch. It’s also a good practice to learn to count your fire (even though you can see it). If you know that you’re close to getting low and have had a chance to duck for cover, it may be worth reloading during the fight, rather than waiting for your character to force reload.

17. Don’t be greedy.

Be sure to share with your team. If you’re carrying a ton of ammo or materials, be generous. Ask “Is everyone good on mats or ammo? What about medkits or shields?” Remember, you’re supposed to be working as a team. If one member of your squad goes down, it has the potential to cost you the game.

18. Finish the fight.

One common mistake is there are tons of players who will try to take on a risky rez of their downed teammate while still deep in the middle of a firefight. Yes, it helps to have another teammate with you but remember that while you’re in the middle of trying to get that player up, your enemy is closing the gap and coming to kill you. It may sound horrible, but sometimes it’s better to leave the fallen squadmate as bait, as the enemy might get a little greedy themselves and try to take out that player, leaving the enemy exposed as an easy target.

19. Don’t be thirsty.

Yeah, yeah… Everyone wants to get kills in. But if you’ve already downed an opponent and are still in the middle of the fight, focus on the living enemies. Sure, you might secure your kill but the opponent may have a good shot at you in exchange. Getting greedy doesn’t secure a win on any match.

20. Use the environment to your advantage.

The Cornfields in Fatal Fields are a great example of ways to use the environment to your advantage. You can be in the middle of a fight and if you need a quick break, you can duck down into the fields, use a chug jug, and sneak back into the fight without someone finding you there. The visibility is so low that you have to harvest the field in order to see anything. And most people don’t want to spend the match trying to harvest corn because if you do and come face to face with an enemy.. Well, it’s like bringing a pickaxe to a gun fight.