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Movies We Can’t Wait To See In 2019



A new year means plenty of new entertainment headed our way to the silver screen.

We’ve already dished on what games we’re most excited to see in 2019, so we figured it was only fair to cover the movies as well – since we have plenty of epic ones heading our way this year.

So let’s jump into it.

LEGO MOVIE 2 – February 8th

So technically, this movie is already out in theaters as of 2 weeks ago. However, we’re going to add it to the list as it’s so HYPE and you should really check it out while you can.

When the first Lego movie got announced, I honestly thought it was going to be the biggest waste of time. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I truly enjoyed the movie. If the second one is anything like the first, it should be a must for your movie watching wish list.


The ending to Infinity War gave us a HUGE spoiler of what’s to come in the form of Nick Fury paging (honestly, who even still has a pager?) Captain Marvel for help. I already knew that the project was in the works, but after that, well, I know I’m not the only one anticipating her debut to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All aboard the hype train, next stop is to a theater near you on March 8th!

US – March 22nd

When I first heard that Jordan Peele was writing and producing what is now the mega success known as “Get Out”, I didn’t know what to think or even what to expect. I had only known him for his body of work in regards to comedy, so I was afraid I was going to get my hopes up on it.

Well, Get Out did NOT disappoint me, or audiences around the world. In fact, Get Out was so successful that it is the highest grossing debut film based on an original screenplay. The film that held the title prior to that was the Blair Witch Project, which debuted in 1999.

The trailer for Us is unique in that it tells a lot, but also tells us nothing. It really has a way to draw the audience in to want to learn more, and I know I’ll certainly be grabbing a ticket for opening night.

SHAZAM – April 5th

When the trailer first dropped for Shazam, I was eager to analyze it frame by frame to try and figure out if it was going to be good. While the trailer seems promising, DC has a horrible trope of dark/brooding/deep/edgy that they can’t seem to shake from their heroes born from trauma. While I am still holding out hopes for this film, as Shazam seems to break the mold quite a bit throughout the comic series, I still have reservations that may have me waiting a week or two for the reviews to filter in before biting the bullet on purchasing a ticket.

HELLBOY – April 12th

With all the movies on this list, you’d think we’re living like the early 2000’s all over again. The movie itself has been getting a lot of flak already, because Del Toro isn’t directing it and it’s ultimately not Pearlman in the role as Hellboy. But I do have a lot of high hopes for David Harbour in this role. I loved him as Hopper on Stranger Things, so here’s to hoping that same wit and charisma translates to the big screen as big red himself!

AVENGERS 4: END GAME – April 26th

I feel like the hype for this should be self-explanatory. Avengers 4: End Game is essentially what the past 10 years of Marvel films has been leading up to. Since the trailer debut, fans have been going crazy trying to figure out how exactly this is going to play out.




Guess we’ll find out in April.


Ok, let’s be honest… The main reason I’m excited for this one is I really want to see where they’re going with it. I mean, no one really asked for this, yet here we are with a feature length Pokemon movie coming out in 2019.

ADDITIONALLY, Pikachu is voiced by Ryan Reynolds. Yes, that’s right. Our favorite masked man in red (Deadpool) will be voicing this lovable little ball of fluff and lightning.

So, I’m not going into this one with high hopes… But Ryan Reynolds is definitely the selling point for me here and I’ll step on to the hype train for now.


The ending of Chapter 2 left us on a HUUUGE cliffhanger, so we knew Chapter 3 was definitely in the works. I mean, they couldn’t just leave things like that. From what the Chapter 3 trailer shows so far, it looks like we’ll be picking up just minutes after Chapter 2 ends. While I personally don’t know if I can find any “deep meaning” to the John Wick films, I’m a pretty big fan and here along for the action-packed, roller coaster ride.


The last time we had a chance to visit the MIB Universe was with MIB III in 2012. It’s definitely felt a lot longer than that, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks it’s about time we see a soft reboot and spin-off on the series.

This time around, we’ll be following Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and Liam Neeson as the agents of MIB, saving the planet and taking out the trash. The trailer is jam packed with nostalgia that really feels like it could give the first film a run for it’s money, despite it having a different story, cast and crew behind it.

What makes that even better? THEY HAVE A GATTLING LASER GUN. Seriously. What could be more fun and awesome than that?


If you couldn’t already tell by my insane breakdown from the trailer, I am so hyped for the new movie. Not only does this movie look good, but “Far From Home” is the start of Marvel’s Phase 4 of movies. So if it’s as good as it looks, I have extremely high hopes for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

IT CHAPTER 2 – September 6th

The Losers Club is all grown up and set to face off with Pennywise the clown once more. The reboot of the classic IT hit screens in 2017, exactly 27 years after it’s cinematic debut. The film used modern technology to really bring some of the scenes that terrified me as a child to life in a whole new way. And the casting choice for the “losers club” was a solid fit of talented kids with a bright future in the industry. I am completely excited to see how they “grow up” and the story progresses in Chapter 2 this September.

JOKER (Title TBD?) – October 4th

Jared Leto’s Joker was a disappointment… Don’t @ me.

When I heard the news that a solo Joker project was in the works, I wasn’t excited (at first). The Joker has a major identity crisis (which I pointed out his character flaws due to his mysterious background here) so it’s difficult to really pin point this and get that across to an audience who may not have a good grip on his multiple back stories.

That being said, the “leaked” footage of Joaquin Phoenix has totally changed my mind and I’m willing to give another studio one more shot at getting things right.

JUMANJI 2 – December 13th

The constant remakes and cycling old content in Hollywood can be a serious problem at times. But Jumanji had justice served with it’s long anticipated sequel that graced the silver screen in 2017.  In most cases, I’m not the biggest fan of Kevin Hart or Jack Black, and typically avoid projects that have them listed in the cast. However, I was absolutely blown away with how well the quirky cast line up actually worked. And I definitely can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us on our trip back to Jumanji this winter.

STAR WARS EPISODE 9 – December 20th

Everyone has an opinion. I honestly enjoyed “The Last Jedi”. Yeah, sure, there were some parts that had an overall “ehh” theme, but it was definitely a thrilling ride that left me excited to see how everything would come together in Episode IX. Thankfully, Abrams is back at the helm so maybe we’ll get to see some of our questions answered.