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5 Nerdy Crafts For A Rainy Day



The weather can definitely put a damper on some nice, summertime larping sessions. But don’t let a little rain ruin the day. Get inspired with some DIY nerdy crafts.


D20 Magnets

Dice from

Many of us have plenty of dice laying around, and some random mismatched ones that got lost during an epic battle. Why not breathe life into them once more by turning them into an epic fridge magnet?

There are two ways to do this craft, depending on your materials, resources, and expertise.

The first would be to use a hot glue gun and apply a small amount onto the back of your D20. From there, you can either use a small magnet or cut one to size and apply it to the side with the hot glue. You will want to make sure that you work quickly, and carefully. If you are uncomfortable using hot glue, you can always swap out for superglue, gorilla glue, or even liquid nails (if you want to get a little crazy).

The second option would be to very, very carefully cut the dice in half with the correct tools for the job. We’re not super crafty in this field, so you may want to consult with your dad, uncle, lawyer, fellow craft enthusiast, etc. before attempting this one. Once you have the dice cut in half, you would then follow the steps above to use the glue of your choice and a magnet to help your fridge roll a natural 20.

Don’t feel like making one? That’s ok. Support some awesome nerdy shops over on Etsy. (We make NO money from this link. We just want to support awesome artists, doing awesome things)

Learn to Crochet your own Mario Mushroom Hat

Photo from:

There are plenty of patterns to choose from online. All you’ll need to do is a quick search for “Crotchet Mario Mushroom Hat Pattern” and you should be able to find something to get you going. The photo above is from Ravelry, which also has a free download to get you started — all you’ll need is the yarn. Which mushroom will you be creating first?

Kidnap Mr. Sandy Claws? How about just craft your own Oogie instead..

This craft comes with no instructions, unfortunately. We found the photo on Catch My Party. But we’re feeling pretty confident that we might be able to give you a start on this one. To make these homemade Oogie Boogie’s, you’re going to need some bright green and black fabric, stuffing, black thread, some hot glue and a sewing needle.

The photo above looks like the fabric being used is ‘Felt’, but feel free to explore and get creative with it.

You will want to cut the 2 identical size and shaped pieces of the green fabric. From there, you will sew the edges together, leaving the bottom open for now. Stuff Oogie with the material of your choice. It could be balled up newspapers, to actual stuffing material. We ain’t here to limit your creativity!

Once that is done, finish sewing Oogie shut. Then, cut eyes and a both from the black fabric, and CAREFULLY use the hot glue to place them appropriately on one side of your Oogie Boogie.

Ta-Da! Once the glue dries, you should be good to go!

Create a “Geeky Wreath” to show off your favorite video games, shows and more.

This wreath comes to you from ‘Our Nerd Home’ — which btw is a fantastic blog for nerdy crafts, news and more. You don’t need much to put this cutesy wreath together. Just some poster board, paints or markers, and glue. Check out their site for a detailed list of step by step instructions.

Level Up by adding a Heart Container to your Living Room!

To create this nerdy wall piece, all you’ll need are a few wood blocks, some wood glue, paint, and some sort of hook to hang it with. Some Of This and That has a great breakdown in exactly what to buy, how much, and how to get it all pieced together. Check out their site here for more details.