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App Of The Week: FOAP



“What is FOAP?” you might ask. Well, Foap is a unique Android and iPhone app that allows users to sell their smartphone photos to companies around the world at $5 a piece. Recently featured on TechCrunch and Mashable, Foap has been picking up quite the traction ever since it was announced that Entrepreneur and Trendsetter Gary Vaynerchuk is a partner with the Swedish based app.

But what sets Foap apart from GettyImages or WireImage? When you sign up for Foap you create a unique profile which displays all your work. Additionally, every time you upload a photo, you are required to rate 5 other user photos before yours is sent to review. This creates a unique user experience by allowing the community to rate photos instead of having a generic set for potential buyers to choose from.


I have tested out Foap for the past week and while I have run into a few bugs in between, overall the simplicity of the app and design are great. Like most apps now days, hashtags are key to getting your photos seen by potential buyers, but also to getting more ratings by other sellers. You can click here to see some of the highest rated photos in the most popular hashtags.

Companies can also contact Foap to set up missions, where users can upload photos based on a theme and at the end of the time allotted one photo is awarded a very nice cash prize. So far Mastercard, Garnier, got2b hair products and HoneyMaid are just a few of the companies that have teamed up with Foap and have done several campaigns awarding anywhere from $100-300 at the end of it.

Foap was also recently featured on ABC News, which the increased traffic to the app could account for some of the major glitches. One of the biggest I have encountered is that 32 of my photos are stuck in the process of review, even after 4 days later. Although, one managed to randomly make it through to be published on my profile. So while Foap isn’t jetsetting my photography career just yet, it’s safe to say that this app is one to watch. And a must have as it starts bubbling under.

If you’d like to join me on Foap, check out my profile here or download the app and search @chotheamazing.