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Benedict Cumberbatch Seeks Therapy Due To Intensity Of Sherlock




Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch admitted to seeking professional help due to the intensity of his star role. Unreality TV broke the news yesterday after a panel at Oz Comic-Con discussing his current roles and future projects.

An audience member quoted Cumberbatch with, “As an actor who delves into other character’s mindsets quite often, he felt it should be a routine thing and he happily assured us that the therapist said he was absolutely fine”

Another fan chimed in with, “He wanted to mention it because he believed that there should be more open discussion about mental health.”

And they may be well right about that. Mental Illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Whether you are seeking therapy for a temporary problem or attending sessions to work through issues beyond your control. A society that both shames and glorifies Mental Illness is confusing the perspective of those who suffer with it. And additionally, preventing those who suffer from seeking proper care.

Cumberbatch also spoke about wanting to rejoin the Star Trek cast, but our recent rumor check pegs him to be up for a pretty major role in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII film. And while I have rewatched Sherlock more times than I care to admit, Matt Gatniss (Mycroft Holmes – Sherlock, Co-Writer – Sherlock) has hinted that we may not see the next season of Sherlock until 2016.