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9 Things We Want To See In Destiny 2



A couple of weeks ago, Bungie dropped the new trailer for the long-awaited sequel to Destiny. I got into Destiny a bit late in the game, as the hype train was already halfway through Taken King, but I really enjoyed the game. Throughout my time playing, there were a few things that irked me and I wish they would have added or changed to the game.

  • ALL PVP MODE AVAILABLE – In the recent “Age of Triumph” update for Destiny 1, Bungie recently changed the setup of their crucible selection. Before you could basically have access to almost every PVP game type (outside of Mayhem) every week but now they have made it a rotating list. As a fan and frequent player of Rift and Control, with a rotating playlist, I’m not always having access to those game types. With the Age of Triumph book, there are achievements there that you can only obtain with access to certain game types, so while rotating may keep the gameplay fresh, but there are more times often than not that I just don’t feel like playing Supremacy.
  • KEEP THE RAIDS UP TO DATE – In the Age of Triumph, they brought all the raids up to Light Level 390, but for the longest time this wasn’t the case. I got on the late train when it came to Destiny, so I never got the opportunity to play Crota’s End or Vault of Glass, but since those raids weren’t updated, the rewards for doing them were worthless to get once Taken King came out. Maybe this is just the growing pains of expansions causing the last raid/tier gear to become obsolete, but keeping old content relevant throughout new DLC is important. I always wanted the chance to try out the raids, but getting people together to actually do them was impossible. No one wanted to waste 1-3 hours doing a raid that had no value to them (gear wise). I’m hoping with Destiny 2, they learn from this and figure out a way to keep content relevant after each new chunk of DLC rolls out.
  • MORE STRIKES AND RAIDS – Destiny technically has 17 strikes, but a few of those are just updated versions of old strikes, which shouldn’t count towards the current strike list. Yet, even at 12+ strikes, I just feel like that really isn’t enough because a few of those strikes aren’t Light Level 350+. So once you get to higher levels, those strikes aren’t even worth going for. Just like the raids, Bungie should update the difficulty of old strikes, or at least have more frequent releases for strikes. For Rise of Iron, they added only 1 official new strike and updated 2 of them. For hardcore Destiny fans, that just isn’t enough.
  • CHATROOM / CHAT WINDOWS / TRADING / SELLING – Destiny is supposed to be an MMO, what kind of MMO doesn’t have the ability to put up a chatroom. I would’ve loved to be able to sit at a tower and open a chat to look for others to do a Nightfall Strike or Raid with. I have plenty of friends that play Destiny, but getting enough people that want to do a raid at the same time is such a major pain point. While we’re on the topic of chatrooms, I want to ask another valid question – What kind of ‘MMO’ doesn’t have the ability to trade? There are plenty of times that I get raid items I don’t need, or it isn’t for my class. Being able to gift to a friend, trade it to a faction for rep points, or sell it would be perfect to help build an in-game community and economy.
  • PERMANENT CLASSES – I may be one of the few who feel this way, but it really bugged me that I was able to switch between my subclasses. It gave me no need or desire to build more than 3 characters. I could level whatever I want, whenever I want, without having to fear that I “fucked up” my build for that character. Sure, it’s a nice feeling at times, but it also felt no different than playing TF2 to an extent. If I didn’t feel like playing a tank, BOOM! I could switch to Sunstriker at a whim.
  • MATCHMAKING FOR RAIDS/NIGHTFALL – As I stated earlier, sometimes it was hard to get enough friends that were willing to dedicate the time it takes to do a raid or a nightfall strike. Matchmaking is a MUST for Destiny 2. While I know there are websites for this, it would be way easier to press a button and queue up. If Blizzard can do it for Dungeon Finder and LFR (Looking for Raid) in World of Warcraft, anyone can.
  • VANITY ITEMS – I am totally the type of player that loves looking cool or badass, and in most games, the coolest gear is usually the weakest. It would be neat to have the option to either be able to change the look of your gear or have different sets that can be changed on a whim. In addition, it would be great to have vanity skins as well. The Days of Iron armor all had a vanity option, but it would be great to see that as a more frequent occurrence in game.
  • MORE SOCIAL AREAS – The Tower, The Reef, and Felwinter are cool, but I think it would be great to incorporate more social areas and interactive NPC’s. It got old having to come back to talk to the same 4-5 NPC’s over and over again.
  • SPECIFIC TRANSPORTATION/WARPING – I loved patrolling. I probably spent a better part of my Destiny life patrolling one area or another, but one thing that bugged me was that whenever I started a patrol, it always started in the same place. Sometimes that place was MILES from where I wanted to be. It’s a bit of a pain to have to traverse the whole map in order to get to the Archon’s Forge every time I want to farm Forge. It would be great if I could pick a patrol and just warp somewhere closer… Even SOMEWHAT closer.

To some, I know this list may seem like a lot of things to want out of a game. And others may think if you have that many complaints… Just stop playing! To that, I say no game is without its faults. And as long as the faults aren’t game breaking or making it boring, it’s not a bad thing to have it be imperfect.