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DreamKazper Overwatch League Contract Terminated After Sexual Misconduct Allegations



Only a few days ago Overwatch league team, Boston Uprising, announced the firing of 21 year old player, Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez from the team and league after allegations of sexual misconduct with not 1 but 2 minors.

One of which was as young as 15, while the other was 16. DreamKazper was rising star not only for the Boston Uprising team, but the Overwatch League overall. He was even considered one of the best DPS players in the West, by many around the world.

Two minors have come forward with a massive dump of screenshots and chat logs of their conversations with DreamKazper, where he had flirted, offered to buy them (expensive) gifts, and asked for nudes. In addition to that, he also sent nude photos of himself to the minors and engaged in extremely long FaceTime sessions with questionable content. In addition to the mounting evidence against him, there was even acknowledgment in several conversations where he admitted he knew they were minors, but “Wasn’t going to do anything stupid”.

One of the minors spoke with Kotaku about her conversations with DreamKazper saying, “I thought it was an automatic message that gets sent to everyone who followed him, I sent a heart emoji back and wasn’t expecting a reply.” At one point, Sanchez bought a flight for the youngest minor in order for them to meet and hangout, but she decided against the idea at the last minute. Additionally, she offered to pay him back for the inconvenience and that’s when he started asking for explicit photographs from her.

The other minor stated that, “As time progressed, it became apparent that we were more than friends. Things started getting sexual very quickly. I had recently gotten out of a relationship and was incredibly vulnerable. The attention he was giving me had blinded me from seeing that what was happening was wrong.”

At the time of this publication, there has been no news on whether or not charges are being pressed against Sanchez, but in the state of California (his current residence) it is a felony to solicit child pornography. There has also been no official statement by Sanchez, Boston Uprising or the Overwatch League outside of the termination notice.

Additionally, at the time of publishing this article – Overwatch League Jersey Vendor Into the AM has been offering exchanges and refunds for DreamKazper Jersey’s purchased through them. Learn more in this brief breakdown from PC Gamer.

We like to report the facts as they are, before we get into how we feel about things. As many of you know, we can definitely be an opinionated bunch — but we want to make it clear that our feelings and opinions are NOT facts and should be taken as just that… Opinions.

Honestly, I can’t believe that I even have to write this article. It’s something that’s completely common sense to me and everyone in my friend’s circle.

  1. You don’t hit on minors… Period.
  2. You don’t make lewd comments to minors… Period.
  3. You don’t ask minors to send nudes… Period.

How is this not common sense for everyone out there? When I was 14, I still thought the world was sunshine and rainbows and everyone had my best interest at heart. This situation is completely, morally wrong. It’s taking advantage of a minor who may not know better or understand the depth of what is happening.

In fact, there are laws in place against all of these things FOR A REASON.

And it’s unfortunate that a 21 rising star like Sanchez would throw away his career and potentially his life for something like this.

It is absolutely disgusting that one of the screenshots was him being confronted by another girl, and he just laughs it off with “It’s fine, I’m not doing anything stupid lol.”

I’m sorry to tell you this, but everything you did was stupid. And now there will be a steep price to pay as repercussions of your actions. If charges are pressed and you are found guilty, you will face almost indefinite unemployment. On top of that, you will now have to do the pedophile walk of shame around any place you wish to reside.

Some people on the internet have gone so far to defend Sanchez that they have resorted to victim blaming. These individuals have gone in circles saying “The minors shouldn’t have egged him on,” and that “They could have said no”. And to that I have to say, are you kidding me? These are young and impressionable females. They were star struck and taken advantage of by someone they admired. Someone who is LEGALLY an adult and should be mature enough to know better. If Emma Watson asked me to jump, you bet I would ask her, “How high?”. It’s an individual who has a higher status and power over me, that knows that and is willingly taking advantage of their position for self gain.

While these two different girls coming out with the story have an overlap with screenshots, pictures and other damning evidence, it’s still important that we have this conversation now — AND SHUT DOWN FUTURE OFFENDERS BY SENDING THE MESSAGE THIS IS NOT OK.

Even if the evidence turns out to be fabricated (which is highly unlikely), it’s almost definite that his suspension from Boston Uprising and OWL will be undone. On top of that, I doubt there will be any team willing to take a risk of the bad PR to add him to the roster.

Another problem that we want to briefly touch base on, is a major problem in the nerd and gaming communities overall. Females generally are exposed to sexual harassment and are easily targeted by hateful individuals in one form or another. Whether it’s occasional lewd comments, sexist remarks, or sexual threats.. It’s far too often that these things are completely dismissed by the community as “just something that happens”.

These are things that shouldn’t be happening anyway. If my mother heard me say anything that was extremely racist, sexist, bigoted, or just plain hurtful, I can guarantee that she would be ashamed of me.. And whoop my ass into next week.

The idea of creating equal treatment in the gaming industry is something we’ve touched upon in the past, and it’s something I had hoped I would never have to write about again. BUT HERE WE ARE.

Sexual harassment is never right and NEVER OK. If you think it’s ok for a second, you’re wrong. Just because you may think “Oh man, if someone hit on me, I’d be honored!” doesn’t mean that the other person feels the same way. Please… Do us all a favor and think long and carefully the next time you decide to say something creepy or pervy to a female, or send an unsolicited dick pic to a chick. Don’t start your messages with “Hey Sexy”, don’t ask “Send Nudes”… Just don’t.

We’ll get off our high horse after this final thought.. Let’s do the right thing guys and gals. Let’s treat each other with respect. It’s not that hard to be kind.