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Dreaming With Cosplayer Dreamkitty




Dreaming with Cosplayer Dreamkitty

Today I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing DreamKitty from Dreamkitty Cosplay. For those long-time readers of Keep It Nerdy, Dreamkitty lent her voice to our amazing “Cosplay isn’t Consent” article a while back. She’s a personal friend, an amazing cosplayer, and a totally awesome person!

So let’s start with the hard-hitting question… What made you decide to get into cosplaying?

DreamKitty- When I was in grade 12, we were going to our first convention. I asked what I should pack, and a friend of mine told me that for conventions you had to do this thing called “cosplay”, so we all kinda threw together cosplays for it in the span of about a month.

What was the cosplay?

Dreamkitty- a rogue from Ragnarok Online


DreamKitty- I wore it a few years lol

What has been your favorite cosplay so far?

DreamKitty- Toph for sure. Its the easiest to wear and the most comfortable. And I get to be a badass in it. Hahaha

Toph is honestly my favorite character from Avatar
And she totally is a badass

DreamKitty- Its a toss up between her and Zuko for me
I’ve cosplayed both of them lol


What’s your “Dream” cosplay? Someone you wish you could cosplay but don’t either have the time or funds to put it all together?

DreamKitty- Hmmm…I kinda have 3.
Oruha from Clover
Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile
and Varian Wrynn from Warcraft

Lenneth would be a sick sick sick cosplay!

DreamKitty- OMG right?
I played that game like, a decade ago and when I saw her I wanted her armor so bad
Lenneth was the first armor ladyboner that I ever had

Hahaha, I just start replaying the game. Lenneth is my favorite of the Valkyries

DreamKitty- Same. Although Hrist had cool armor too

Hrist has some cool dark looking armor but she’s kind of a bitch. pardon my language lol

DreamKitty- No, you’re right, she is lol
I never liked her character

What has been your favorite convention so far?

DreamKitty- Hmmm
Does the world cosplay summit count?


DreamKitty- Definitely that then!
I had the (terrible) idea to throw together a blood elf themed cosplay (forgetting that WoW doesn’t exist in Japan), but we had such a great time
there were SO MANY talented cosplayers around


Wait… WoW doesn’t exist in Japan?

DreamKitty- Nope

I never knew that >_<

DreamKitty- You can play it (I did lol) but there isn’t a following in Japan
they didn’t market it over there

Well, there are tons of other J-MMO’s over there, so I bet it’s a hard market to compete with

DreamKitty- yeah exactly

If you could collab with any cosplayer, who would you want to work with? And who have you worked with that you totally enjoyed working with?

DreamKitty- Ooh that’s a good question..
Well while I think I can answer part 2 of that question, I’ve worked with Bossbot’s Boudoir before, and we had a blast. We lived together for a while and we really pushed each other
I’d work with her any day of the week

So you’re like Cosplay Besties?!

DreamKitty- Kinda yeah lol
As for who I’d love to work with…either Bill Doran of Punished Props or Jessica Nigiri. Bill does AMAZING work, he can cast, make armor, whatever. He uses EVA foam for a lot of his work and makes beautiful armor without the use of thermoplastics. Jessica, is well known for her sexy cosplays but she also has a strong set of shoulders on her, she doesn’t let the haters and trolls get to her and I’d love to be able to work with her and try to learn from her about that.
She doesn’t always follow the character exactly, but her sunny attitude and personality always shine through, and I respect that

So let’s talk about your personal life. You’re going to school right? What are you majoring in?

DreamKitty- I’m majoring in Tourism Management. I’m hoping after school to go on to help with convention coordination and planning

Oh, that’s nifty!
So in and out of cosplay, you’re still doing your part for cons

DreamKitty- I totally do

So what are some games that you’re playing right now or can’t wait to get your hands on?

DreamKitty- Currently I can’t play too much because of class, but I’m playing Diablo III again, and I am DYING to play Dragon Age Inquisition. I have it on my laptop…but it won’t run *cry*

Ouch. You’re not the 1st person I hear say that. DA: Inquisition is super demanding

DreamKitty- It makes me sad lol. But I can wait.
I have Origins on my laptop, so I can at least see Alistair any time I want ;D

Hahaha. So let’s wrap this up with 2 last questions. If there was anything you could change about the cosplay community, what would it be and also do you have any tips/advice for new cosplayers or people interested in getting into the con life?

DreamKitty- Hmm, for the cosplay community I’d love to see less judgmental attitudes. For the most part, everyone is accepting and nice, but there are the few that are nasty, elitist and judgemental. There shouldn’t be a place for that in cosplay. We’re all in this to have fun. Also, there seems to be a negative connotation with turning cosplay into a career. I really wish there wasn’t. I’d LOVE to make it a career option for myself, and I applaud anyone that has the opportunity to do so.

As for advice, don’t be afraid to ask questions! The majority of us are always willing to help answer questions or give information. If you are starting a cosplay, research the heck out of it. Look at the way that other people have made it, get as many reference pics as you can, and just dive in.


Thank you so much for your time DreamKitty. I wish you well with your education and please keep up the good work with your cosplays!