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PAX East 2017 Round Up



Another year, another amazing time at PAX East..

What a crazy year it’s been, too. Last year, PAX East was filled with massive AAA game titles like Overwatch, Battleborn, as well as sneaks of the Warcraft movie and much, much more.

Upon taking our first steps onto the PAX East floor this year, we noticed something very different. While the typical corporate Overlords of gaming had their massive (and majestic) booths set up – we noticed that this year there was a significant presence for indie games — both tabletop and video games.

So what indie games should you look forward to in 2017?

We spent quite some time in the Indie Mega Booth as well as the surrounding indie game booths to bring to you our top picks. A few of the games that made the cut are already available, while some you may have to sit tight until Summer 2017.


The Orwell demo at PAX East 2017 blew our mind so much, we picked up a copy right away on the convention floor. In Orwell, you play as a government contracted ‘investigator’ who closely monitors interactions of an alleged terrorist organization. It is up to you to determine what evidence to provide to Big Brother, and what evidence to omit. Your choices directly impact a great majority of the gameplay – as your supervisor can only read what you upload to Orwell. A few wrong uploads and you may find yourself framing the wrong person..

Orwell is now available on Steam.


This is the Police is a gritty adventure/strategy game where you take on the role of the town’s Police Chief. While it borders on the line of being a ‘police force sim’, the choices you make in the way you treat your crew will directly impact future opportunities. Will you make it to retirement? Or will you potentially stray from the honest life you once led for fat stacks of cash… or worse?

This is the Police is now available on Steam. 


If there was one sentence to sum up Night in the Woods, it would be “Play this game before Tumblr ruins it”. Night in the Woods is easily one of the most talked about indie games of 2017, and is similar to other indie titles like Undertale. It’s an adventure game focused on the exploration not only of the environment but the characters as well. It has an abstract art style, with dozens of characters to meet that are just as weird as the game itself. It is a must play and is available now.

Night in the Woods is now available on Steam and PS4.


If you are unfamiliar with the Party Hard franchise, think of serial killers and Hotline Miami. In the first Party Hard, you were a serial killer in the 80’s going after the loud, obnoxious party-goers. The objective is simple – don’t get caught… And kill as many people as you can in each level.

Party Hard 2 follows a similar story line, however, it’s graphics have been updated from a 32 bit vibe to 3D — with plenty of neon to get you killing to til the sun comes up.

While there is no official release date (yet), you should be able to expect Party Hard 2 by the end of 2017.


Another game to watch from TinyBuild is ‘Hello Neighbor’. Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor’s house to figure out what exactly he’s hiding in his basement. You can play against AI — but be warned! The AI is set up to learn from your actions.

Hello Neighbor is set to release on Steam in Summer 2017.

You can also sign up for Alpha testing on the Hello Neighbor site.



Or any convention for that matter… Seriously..

This year, Overwatch cosplay dominated the show. You couldn’t turn your head in the other direction without seeing another character from the game. There were also some super meta cosplays – specifically Gamer Salt! See our gallery below.

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