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Pro League Of Legend Player Hospitalized After Attempted Suicide




Not everything is fun and games in the world of the e-Sports pro circuit. Just last week, Cheon Min-Ki aka Promise from South Korea’s AHQ League of Legends team was hospitalized after attempting to commit suicide by jumping from the twelve-story window. Cheon had been the center of a scandal after admitting that him and his teammates were taking part in the illegal activity of Match Fixing.

In a post made on (Translation), he stated that the team was forced to lose matches because of threats made by the team manager, Noh Dae Chu. Cheon’s post also states that the Noh was forcing the team to lose in order due to his illegal gambling on all Korean e-Sports, including LoL. Cheon additionally states that the team had no idea of Noh’s illegal activities until it was made clear that Noh had been lying them. Noh had told them that their team had all their expenses covered by AHQ and stated that if the team went against Noh’s wishes that the team would be disqualified and dropped by AHQ. Cheon reached out to the Taiwan branch of AHQ, where it became apparent that everything that Noh had told them was a lie. Cheon also stated that he felt that his professional career is over but says that the match fixing scandal wasn’t the only reason for him to attempt suicide. He was also having a set of personal problems that when combined with everything else, it just became too much to handle.

Miraculously, Cheon is in stable condition in the hospital as of the latest reports. The Korean branch of Riot (League of Legend developers) also have stated that they will spare no expense in order to make sure that Cheon makes a full and speedy recovery. Riot has released an official statement saying that they are forming a task force in order to investigate the ever growing issue of Match Fixing in the e-Sports circuit. Here at Keep It Nerdy, our hearts go out to Cheon and we hope for a speedy recovery.
Suicide is a serious issue. If you or anyone you know might be at risk, please talk to someone. Whether it is a family member, friend, or one of the thousands of help centers across the world; There is hope and there is help if you ask. Suicide is not the answer.