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How To Get The Red Herring Steam Badge




Ah, yes.. The elusive Red Herring Badge. The trick to getting this was decoded by the wonderful fellows over at r/SteamSaleDetectives with details outlining the steps to complete the badge in this thread.

The steps are quite easy to follow, and if done properly you will have the badge in under 10 seconds. Quite an easy way to get a quick 100xp for ultimately no effort. It is worth noting, that the badge more than likely can only be claimed during the Holiday sale. So you only have a few more days to cash in on your free 100xp.

Ready to claim your ‘Red Herring’ Badge?

  1. Open up Ikaruga in your internet browser –
  2. Type SEARCH (All upper case and all lower case both confirmed to work for this)
  3. Press the enter key
  4. Type 1v7531

That’s it! You should be redirected to a page that will grant you 100xp and display your badge. Wear that Red Herring Badge proudly on your profile, and be sure to thank all the geniuses over at r/SteamSaleDetectives for cracking the code.

Stay tuned for updates, as there does appear to be another rumored badge that is still being cracked..