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REVIEW: Deleveled



What goes up must come down… and what comes down must be bounced!

Deleveled is a unique momentum-based puzzle game by ToasterFuel and Quantum Astrophysicists Guild that has you use gravity in-game to cleverly move blocks around the map to turn on all the switches.

The simplified graphics within Deleveled make it clear what the objective is, without the need for a tutorial. Through trial and error, you’ll work your way through levels learning new mechanics with critical thinking for a game experience that is equally fun as it can be frustrating. But with over 100 levels to work your way through, you’ll be able to pick up a level or two in between Zoom meetings without having to sink a ton of time and dedication into mastering any skills.

The game runs incredibly smooth with beautiful, lo-fi designs, and has a fun, chiptune soundtrack that elevates the mood as you bounce your way across the 2D worlds. Deleveled has received several awards, including ‘The Pax 10’ from PAX West 2019, the ‘Official Selection’ of Seattle Indies Expo 2020, ‘Second Place – PC Indie Pitch’ from PG Connect Seattle 2019, and was the ‘Community Choice’ of the Seattle Indies Game Jam 2018.

Deleveled is available now on all major platforms. New to puzzle games? Check out the trailer for Deleveled below to learn more about this awesome physics game.


Disclaimer: NRDY received a free copy of Deleveled on Steam for reviewing this game.