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Our Thoughts On The Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer





The trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home dropped the other day and the Internet (and myself) have been abuzz with the conspiracies and theories in regard to how the events of Avengers: End Game will play out. One notable thing within the trailer that everyone can’t stop talking about is that Spider-Man isn’t using the “Iron Spider” suit, which created it’s own never ending tree of possibilities. Does this take place in an alternate timeline or universe? Did End Game effectively make it so the attack on New York never happened, and the Avengers never had to fight Thanos?

But no one is really talking about what’s up with Mysterio?

Let’s dive deeper.

In the trailer, we see that Peter Parker is going to Europe for a class trip, when he’s randomly approached by Nick Fury to “suit up”. Some more stuff happens and we see multiple elementals appear that look like they could be Sandman, Hydroman, Molten Man and even an unknown Air Elemental?

It could also be the Elementals, a lesser known Doctor Strange villain, seem to be attacking different places throughout Europe. The water based enemy appears to be attacking in what looks like Venice, Italy, the Lightning or Air-based elemental is attacking the London Bridge, and the other two locations are just a bit too chaotic scene wise to pin point. Since we haven’t seen any of the elementals in their human form, it’s hard to tell who they actually might be. Many fans are speculating it may be Hydroman as there is a subtle reference to Spider-Man Issue 212, the issue that introduces Hydroman. Of course, this could all be misdirection by Marvel in order to throw fans off the trail.

But what if it’s not any of the elementals?

I have another theory. In the comic books, Mysterio used his powers of illusion in order to frame Spider-Man, making Parker seem like the villain and himself seem like the good guy. Something similar happened in the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, and I feel like we may be seeing history repeat itself here. I don’t necessarily believe Mysterio is trying to frame Spider-Man, just yet, but I do think it’s laying the ground work to introduce the extended Marvel Universe and all its inhabitants. My thoughts are that the elementals might just be the work of his illusions and maybe even an upgrade to his powers. No version of Mysterio had the ability of flight or to shoot beams from his gauntlet, so it seems likely that he’s gotten a few new toys or fancy bells and whistles to show off for his cinematic debut.

The only issue I have with that theory is there’s a scene where Parker gets soaked by the water elemental, so it does seem to go beyond the realm of Mysterio’s comic book powers. Of course, that’s not to say Parker only thinks he’s soaked due to one of Mysterio’s illusions or another factor at play. Mysterio made Spider-Man believe that he was drowning before in the comic books, so it’s not completely out of the question that this could happen. It just wouldn’t make sense if Marvel went, “Tada! Mysterio is actually a good guy even though he’s always been a villain!”. It’s also strange that no major news outlets are picking this up just yet either, as most are talking about how End Game will affect the MCU and what hints does FFH show us.

So, what are your thoughts?