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Goodbye Life.. The Steam Summer Sale Is Here!!!




Ladies and Gentlemen. Board your windows. Lock your doors. Sit down and make sure you have enough funds in your back account. It’s here. The Steam Summer Sale starts today and only an hour in, we’re already looking at our bank statements and crying. Tears of sorrow that we now have to live off ramen for the next month, and tears of joy because we’re so freaking stoked we got such a great deal. We put together a shot list below on the best deals Steam has to offer RIGHT NOW. So ready your wallets, and get these games. Found a better deal? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list!

Steam Sale Day 1

From the front page alone, we already know we’re getting some SICK deals. Day-Z for $25.49, FarCry 3 for $7.49, and the PC Deadrising 3 pre-order at $37.49. These are definite no brainers, and while you’re at it you might as well add The Witcher 2 to your cart at an amazing $3.99.

While the daily deals are great, we recommend waiting for the Flash Sales. During the last Steam Sale at Christmas time, I had purchased Borderlands 2 for $14.99 with all the DLC packs. The next day it was part of a flash sale for $7.99 with all the DLC. Just goes to show that the deal may be great now, but it’s worth holding out for too.

These flash sales cycle every 8 hours.. So be sure to set a reminder on your phone to check the deals on the Official Steam App.

However, bigger and newer titles such as Deadrising 3 will probably not drop below the current price point, so it’s a safe bet to pick it up now while you can at the 25% off.