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The Best Games Of 2015




Another year, another list…

But the moments we spent in gaming, will live on forever. Or at least stay in our achievement and trophy lists. 2015 was a slow year for games for the first half of the year, but in the second half it kicked off with some quality games that 2014 was definitely lacking. Especially when it came to the world of next-gen consoles. This list is in no particular order and covers everything from PC gaming, Xbox/Playstation, and even mobile gaming.


This game has quite an eerie, almost Lavender Town like vibe to it, while not being obviously scary. This RPG by developer tobyfox has you playing as a human child and venturing underneath the surface of Earth with the inhabitants of the Underground (“Monsters”). The choice is yours whether to kill or befriend them, and they do affect the outcome of the game to a large degree, both with dialogue and storyline. It’s a refreshing take on RPG’s which typically have your choices limited in one aspect or another.

Rocket League

Fast driving and customizable cars, explosions, and soccer. What more can you ask for out of a game?! Rocket League is the perfect multiplayer game of the year. Local Splitscreen Multiplayer has seriously been lacking for online matches, but Rocket League has gone above and beyond by allowing up to 4 player split screen local games as well as online games and creating dedicated servers capable of handling PC and PS4 cross over playing.


Not your typical online shoot em up style game… 

This game alone may have been the very thing to turn around the state of the Wii U console. Several of my friends went out to purchase a Wii U just to play this game. You are a kid. A squid kid. Shooting ink at your opponents and onto the “battlefield”. When you get low on ammo you simply swim around in your ink on the ground to reload and move around a bit faster. You can also use the Wii U’s built-in motion sensor to control your squid, or if you prefer the good ole joystick, you can use that too.

Mario Maker

If there was one thing the first half of 2015 was lacking, it was a combination of Mario and a good platformer. Mario Maker has definitely filled in the gap where not only the Wii U was lacking, but an overall, creation station sort of game has been. When you played Mario as a kid, we’re sure you had the same thoughts we did on the stupid placement of that pipe. Well, this game gives you all the control to build your own levels, placement of items, and even power-ups for Mario.

Fallout 4

War, war never changes.. And neither does our excitement for more Fallout. Ever since the announcement of Fallout 4 at BE3 (Bethesda’s E3 Conference) we have been posting speculation and trailer break downs to tide ourselves over until the launch. And we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Our post-apocalyptic dreams for more of the wasteland have been answered, and on a recent trip to Boston, we even got to do some IRL trailer hunting in the Commonwealth.

Star Wars Battlefront

Our initial reaction to Survival Mode from Battlefront Beta was a bit underwhelmed and lackluster. With a recent purchase of a PS4, we got Battlefront for free, and a few hours later we were absolutely hooked thanks to Hero Hunt. It’s the right amount of fun, and missions for an FPS styled game, and it definitely has kept our interest longer than we are willing to admit. Mostly because it’s kept us from writing this list sooner…

Tales From The Borderlands

While Episode 1 of Tales From The Borderlands had a launch back in November of 2014, it wasn’t until 2015 that the rest of the episodes hit our gaming systems. With typical gameplay that we came to love and expect from Telltale Games, Tales From The Borderlands quickly captivates you once again with the story of an unlikely duo, now stuck on Pandora. Each episode has a variety of twists and turns, and while the outcome of the story isn’t directly affected by your choices like a true RPG, you can still be a sassy vault hunter up to no good if you think you have a quick draw on that pistol.

Fallout Shelter

It was a difficult time waiting from the announcement of Fallout 4 to the actual release date, but Bethesda knew just what we needed to keep our need for adventures in the wasteland satiated. This sparked the creation of Fallout Shelter, a mobile game that allowed you to be the Overseer of your own vault. You could level up rooms, create your own designs, send dwellers to their doom out in the wasteland and even have some sexy time. See our full coverage on Fallout Shelter here.