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Top 10 Xbox 360 Games Of All Time



It’s been a long time coming, but Microsoft has finally pulled the plug on Xbox 360 after a decade of gaming. We decided to take this time to count down our top 10 favorite games on Xbox 360 of all time.

This is a move that makes perfect sense since Microsoft has gone on to make their next-gen Xbox One fully backwards-compatible with Xbox 360 games. At this point, Microsoft plans to sell what 360 consoles are still in circulation, but production has completely halted at this time.

Phil Spencer, one of the big boss guys over at Microsoft, commented that over the decade gamers have clocked in more than 78 BILLION hours on the 360. He also went on to say that the platform would continue to be supported for existing users of the 360. So no need to worry if you haven’t upgraded to an Xbox One just yet!

With this in mind, Keep It Nerdy has decided to take a look back at we consider to be the top games for the Xbox 360. This list is in no specific order and does not stick to just 360 exclusive games.


Halo 3

Halo was the franchise that essentially sold a majority of consumers when purchasing an Xbox in general, let alone an Xbox 360. It also spans across 3 generations of consoles and has more mobile-spin offs than any other game out there. Even after Bungie left the franchise and 343 took over, it continued to serve as the bread and butter for Microsoft and the series continued to be a strong force for the 360.




A gritty over the shoulder shooter that spans 4 games and tells the tale of the humans fight against the Locust. While some might think that this is just some over macho shooter, there were definitely points in the game that got us all in the feels. I’m pretty sure that anyone who has played the game already knows what I’m talking about.



While the second game in the Bioshock series left us feeling a bit unfullfilled, the narrative in the original game was created a story driven by action and suspense with gameplay that redefined the genre.



Forza was to the 360 what Gran Turismo was to the PS2. A great, well-rounded and realistic racing game. It had a lot to prove in a world where games like Gran Turismo set the bar pretty high and Forza had no problem reaching and exceeding those standards.



Rockstar is known for their over the top, ultra violent games and while Red Dead Redemption had its’ moments, it was an amazing game with depth that romanticized the Wild West. The graphics and the gameplay were great, but the story on lead character John Marston is what really sold users on the title. Words cannot express how much I truly enjoyed this game, and if you haven’t gotten the chance to play it – with backwards compatibility on the Xbox One you will now get your second chance.


Saints Row The Third

While the entire series is worth ranting and raving about, the third game is what really set it apart from the other Sandbox-GTA style games. Saint’s 1 & 2 followed what felt like a gang turf war version of GTA, but 3 & 4 kicked it up a notch by disregarding realism with silly, over the top antics.



The small indie game that could. An interesting take on the platformer genre with a very interesting, underlying meaning. Time control mechanics that held dear to our hearts, as they reminded us so much of the Prince of Persia game.



While the only word that can describe this game is ‘Frustration’, the challenges behind it made the game addicting and one that we could not easily put down. Every time I died, it simply became a matter of “Just one more try” – which inevitably lead to 2 hours later and still being in the same spot.


Geometry Wars

While the game play was simplistic, it provided hours and hours upon entertainment. Have a few minutes to kill, but not enough time to dedicate to that AAA title? This was the go to game. Short, fast paced, vibrantly colorful and perfect for others to watch or even join in on.


Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition barely makes the list, only for the fact that it was released on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 before Microsoft ended the console line. While we are just focusing on Dragon Age Inquisition on this post, the entire series has been nothing but fantastic, and is also an Xbox 360 exclusive. The indepth story provided great character development and created a bond between player and characters unlike any game before it.

Thankfully, the fun doesn’t have to stop at just these 10 games due to Xbox One’s backward compatibility.