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REVIEW: ‘Yoshi’s New Island’ – Everything We Could Dream Of




Magical and mesmerizing are the first two words that come to mind when I look back on one of my favorite side-scrolling platform games of all time, ‘Yoshi’s Story’. Released over 16 years ago on the N64, Nintendo has done very little to develop the story of Yoshi outside of Yoshi’s Island for the DS and making him a consistent part of most of their Mario titles. But patience is a virtue and Yoshi finally has some more screen time with the 2014 release of ‘Yoshi’s New Island’.

Alex Yoshi

The minute the game hit stores, I rushed to Best Buy to pick up a copy. (I guess patience isn’t a virtue for some!) At a retail price of $39.99, I was easily able to justify the impulse purchase over other games I have been eyeing lately. The fangirl in me was dying for every minute I spent in traffic waiting to get home and play. Loading up the cartridge felt like a new experience since the last time I played a Yoshi game I had to blow it first.


Yoshi's New Island

The game starts off with the story of Baby Mario and 6 worlds to explore in. Each level you play as a different colored Yoshi and pass off Baby Mario to the next after hitting your ‘Goal’ mark. The overall look of the game is well polished and the game play sticks true to the classic side-scroller platform Nintendo is so good at. However, the game mechanics themselves are somewhat elementary. Blowing through world 1 of 6 within a matter of 12 minutes was fun, but made me feel a little cheated out of my $40. However, I find the real challenge in going back and collecting the medals for each world. So in a sense it balances out. However, one unique and more than redeeming factor is the 2 Player Minigame Mode which allows you to go head to head with a friend in several fun competitions and challenges.

All in all, I still stand by the magic of it all. Maybe I’m a bit nostalgic, or maybe I’m just a Yoshi fangirl.. But Yoshi’s New Island is a must have for any 3DS owner. And with the price starting at $10 cheaper than most 3DS titles, you can’t really argue with that one!